Mitinpatin Town

Written by MSG Commander

When you enter the town, Paola says you're looking for the Witch of Harmony. The witch's house is in the northwest part of town, just across the river. Enter the house and go to the back room to meet the Witch of Harmony.

Rumonie (the Witch of Harmony) says she senses something in Verdant Forest, so that's where you'll be headed next.

Talk to the other witch in this house to unlock a new set of requests. (Some of these requests are for areas you can't go to yet, but you can do the others now, or you can just wait a little.)

Search the dresser behind the witch (not Rumonie!) to get the Crafting Recipe Magic Wand (1).

Exit the witch's house and go east to the next house. Search the pot outside for 550G. Enter the house, and search the bookshelf for a Muscular Strength Seed.

Now go south across the river, and search the pot next to the Weapon Shop for a Cureall. Go to the house east of the Weapon Shop, and search the dresser for 610G. Now go south, and search the pot next to the Inn for a Magic Tag.

Now, you're ready to go to Verdant Forest.