Naud Hamlet

Written by MSG Commander

When you first enter Naud Hamlet, Alia says the Darkness here is really strong. The party hears a voice from further in, and goes to investigate.

It turns out, the Amm Tribe is harrassing a Holy Messenger soldier from Illumica. As they summon the Darkness to kill the soldier, he calls out for his High Beast, Taurus. The Holy Messenger defeats the Amm Tribe, but then a Vasist appears and knocks the Holy Messenger unconscious.

And then, you get to fight the Vasist.

Boss Battle



This battle should be pretty easy.

Just use Kline, Alia and Fred's Linked Skill, Deadly Rain, and you'll most likely defeat Brave in just one or two rounds.

Otherwise, just use everyone's strongest skills and keep an eye on your HP.

After the battle, Fred notices a mysterious character spying on the party. Paola wonders if it wasn't the Gray Sage from the Chronicles. Then out of nowhere Fred collapses, and the party takes him to the Elder's house in Ensen Hamlet.

There's a lot of dialogue, in which you learn more about the role of High Beasts and how they serve and protect their human partners. Somehow, in the course of their duties, either a High Beast, or their human, (or possibly both) accumulate Darkness inside themselves, called malevolence. This malevolence is what caused to Fred to collapse.

Fortunately, the sect in Illumica has learned how to remove the malevolence through a ritual called Malevolence Extraction, so it's usually not a problem for Holy Messengers. For now, Fred says he just needs to rest.

The Return of the Strange

Outside, Kline has learned that a new monster has appeared in Ensen Hamlet inside the Fortune-teller's house! Kline is anxious to defeat it right away - but, when you enter her house, it turns out the monster is just Josh.

After the scene go back to the Elder's house, where Fred's condition has worsened. The malevolence has built up in Fred's body, and if he doesn't get help soon, he could be in grave danger. Kline wants to take him back to Illumica, but he learns from Josh that the way back to the surface is blocked by a rockslide.

Treasure in Naud Hamlet

On the west side of the hamlet, search the pot outside the Weapon Shop for 720G.

Now go east, and search the pot in the Inn for a Cureall. Now go to the home north of the Inn, and search the pot outside for a Heal Pot. Now go north of that house, and search the pot inside the next home you come to for a Tusk Decoration.

Checking out Abyss Cliff

When you're ready for the game to progress, go to Abyss Cliff. Paola will say you may be able to get past the rockslide if you get help from someone in Vaneisha Village. After the dialogue, exit Abyss Cliff and go to Vaneisha Village.