New Shop Items

Written by MSG Commander

Once you've completed the Holy Place and returned to the world of Laft, the Magic Meteorite Shop and the Weapon Shop have new items.

Magic Meteorites

Make sure you go to the Magic Meteorite Shop, and get one of each of the following:

Also, if you don't already have Stolen Wind Stone, get one now.

Weapons and Accessories

When you're done at the Magic Meteorite Shop (and if you've still got some Gold), head over to the Weapon Shop and check out the new accessories.

Most of them are just a more powerful version of an accessory that was already available, but there's one in particular that I recommend you buy a lot of.

The Feather Amulet raises AGL by 50 (versus the Feather Decoration, which raises it by 25). I recommend you buy 12 Feather Amulets, and equip two to each Guardian Beast in your party (right now, you only have five party members, but you'll get the sixth one soon enough).

Then, set each Guardian Beast to Guidance, to ensure that their turn in battle is determined by their AGL.

This should allow your entire party to act before the enemy in almost every single battle for the rest of the game.

Also, some of the monsters coming up can use skills that cause Instant Death. In order to block this, you will need to equip each of your party members with an Immortality Amulet. (I recommend using these only for random encounters, and changing your accessories before Boss battles.)

Last but not least, the Weapons Shop now sells Silk Dress, which can be worn by Alia and Paola. You don't have to buy it, but if you want to try out a different armor, you can.