Path to the Holy Place

Written by MSG Commander

Recommended Level ~ 40

The monsters here are a bit stronger than in the last few dungeons. You can probably handle them just fine with your current gear, but if you're below Level 40, you'll want to go and do a little bit of grinding in the Underground Path - or be prepared to use a lot of healing.

A lot of the monsters here resist Heaven magic, but even so Paola's Poison Wind and Thunderstorm still do decent damage.

From the entrance, follow the path to treasure T1, then go through exit A, B, and C, collecting the two Mining Points along the way.

Now go through exit D, and follow the path down to the southeast get to treasure T2. Now go to exit E and get treasure T3.

Now go back and go through exit F. On the next screen, collect the Mining Points, and then take exit G and get the Mining Point on that screen, as well. Now go back and take exit I in the far northwest corner (you can skip exit H; there's nothing important there right now).

Now you're on the final screen for the Path to the Holy Place. Collect the Mining Point, then just follow the path until it splits. Go south to get to treasure T4 (and another Mining Point), then take the path to the north to reach the exit.