Realm of Swelling Darkness, pt. 1

Written by MSG Commander

On the entrance screen, collect the two Mining Points then take exit 1A in the southeast. Get the Mining Point on the next screen, then take exit 2A all the way to treasure T1.

Now go back to the first screen, and take exit 1B all the way to 2B. Go north to exit 2D, get the Mining Points, then go to 3A and follow that path to another treasure.

Now go back to screen 2B, and take exit 3B. Collect the two Mining Points, then go to exit 4B.

Go west to the Mining Point, then on to exit 4C. Follow the path all the way up to 1C, and another treasure.

Now go back to 4C, and get the treasure there, then go to 5A.

Boss Battle



weak against Light / strong against Dark

Start with Alia, Fred and Paola. While Fred steals the Elixir, have Alia use Brave Heart and Paola use Magic Barrier.

On your next turn use Alia, Fred, and Paola's Linked Skill, Vanishing Soul.

Now swap Fred for Kline, and use Kline's Ghost-wail Slash, Alia's Holy Breath, and have Paola use Crusade until Chronos is dead. (And remember to re-cast Magic Barrier anytime your magic resistance wears off!)

This battle will take awhile, but thanks to Magic Barrier, most of Chronos' attacks will do 0 damage, so it's just a matter of waiting for his health to reach zero.

After the battle, Chronos disappears. Letz says he's gone further into the Darkness, and Kline wants to go after him.


Head for exit 5B, and Kline says you need to find Chronos. But Josh interrupts and says if you destroy Chronos, it could disrupt the balance in your world.

Josh reveals that he’s not from your world, and that the world he comes from and the world you live in are opposites, and they balance each other out. He says that if Chronos dies, it will change the balance between the two worlds.

Josh says the only way to get the answers you need is to go to the Other World, and talk to the King of the Guardian Beasts, but… he doesn’t know how to get there.

Paola figures out that if you go to where Josh first appeared in this world, you may be able to find the portal to the Other World there, and Josh says he first appeared in Avis Gate.

After the dialogue, exit the Realm of Swelling Darkness and go to Avis Gate.