Realm of Swelling Darkness, pt. 2

Written by MSG Commander

When you face Chronos this time around, there will be another Boss immediately afterwards. This Boss is the last Boss before the Normal End and the ending credits (but don't worry, there's still plenty of bonus material.)

Go back to room 5A, and then follow the path all the way to 7A (picking up the two treasures along the way).

Note that Assassin Lords and Dead Space both have the ability to kill a party member in one hit - so you'll want to save your game often, and reload if anyone dies (that way you can still use your Linked Skills in the second Boss battle).

When you reach screen 7A, check everyone's HP/SP, make sure you have the right Magic Meteorites equipped to the right people, and then go north to the final screen.


When you reach the final screen, you see Chronos and the final Gray Sage.

The Gray Sage calls on the statue of Dark Matter from the Forgotten Ruins, and uses the Darkness inside to cast a spell on Chronos, and then he enters Chronos' body! Then you find out, the Gray Sage is the High Beast Lord! And then you get to fight Chronos.

Boss Battle



Don't forget to steal the Elixir from Chronos!

For this battle, use Kline, Alia, and Vil.

Don't use your Linked Skills - save them for the battle after this one.

On your first turn, have Kline use Life Beat, Vil use Awakening, and have Alia use Brave Heart. (Note that Chronos can use Hell Rain and wipe out all your buffs. Any time he does, just re-cast them; you'll want the extra attack strength.)

For this battle, use physical attack skills (Ghost-wail Slash, Mighty Lance, etc.), and have Alia alternate between Energy Flow and Holy Breath. Holy Breath won't do a lot of damage, but you want to keep Alia in battle anyway so she can heal everybody.

Most of the time, Chronos will either use Barrier or Hell Rain. If he uses Hell Rain, you'll lose all your status effects, so you may want to re-cast Life Beat, Awakening, etc. His actual attacks won't do much damage, but you'll still need to use some healing every now and then.

If you're Level 70 or higher, Chronos won't be a problem (he'll just take a long time.)

Almost as soon as this battle's over, you get to fight the High Beast Lord.

Boss Battle

High Beast Lord

High Beast Lord

weak against Light, strong against Dark

Use Kline, Alia and Fred for this battle.

But first, use all your 2-person Linked Skills.

Then, have Kline use Ghostwail Slash and Alia use Holy Breath.

Have Fred use All-Reflect on every turn. This will reflect all magic attacks back on to the High Beast Lord.

If you're at Level 70, this battle will require a lot of patience and a little luck, but if you're willing to use All-Reflect on every turn, you can win. (It just takes a really long time.)

After the battle, watch the scene to learn the truth about where the High Beast Lord has been hiding.

Small Spoiler: Also, you find out that Paola's old teacher was a Gray Sage before she was killed by Ronan.

Wait for the credits to end, and then Save your game when you're prompted, and return to the Title. Now you can keep playing through to the second ending.