Rubble Zone

Written by MSG Commander

The game starts with Vil, Anne, and Kline traveling to the world of Laft to investigate Dark Matter, a mysterious energy used by the people of Laft which seems to be causing problems for the people of Illumica.

The first step in investigating the Dark Matter is to meet up with an informant who's waiting for your team in the Rubble Zone.

When you first get control of your party, head to the northwest to get a Heal Drink. (If you don't get it now, don't worry. You can always come back to every location.)

Now go to the southeast to get 150G.

A Strange Creature


Go to the northeast, where you meet Josh, your informant and guide in the world of Laft. Josh is here to show you the way to the Mine of Dark Matter, where your team hopes to find out more about the Dark Matter.

After the dialogue, head south toward the entrance.

The team stops for a break. Anne asks Kline why he's on the team, and what his aim is for the future.

Kline reveals that he hopes to one day be strong enough to kill the High Beast Lord, the god of the Holy Messengers. Vil orders Kline not to tell his plans to anyone else (as it would most likely get him arrested or worse), so that's all we get to know at this point.

After the dialogue, exit the Rubble Zone and go to the Mine. (Tap on the Mine once to move to it, then a second time to enter.)