Ryuze Plain

Written by MSG Commander

From the entrance, go west to get to the first Mining Point, then follow the path to the northwest corner.

If you've unlocked the witch's requests in Mitinpatin Town, you'll come across a bird-like creature who's been trapped by a Poison. (He may be here whether you've unlocked the request or not; I'm really not sure.)

Anyway, after you defeat the Poison, the bird-like creature (Penta) will then go around and collect Materials for you, which you can claim from him at any Inn anywhere in the game.

Boss Battle



The worst thing about Poison is that he can put your party to sleep.

If you've got a Linked Skill available, use it. Otherwise, use Kline's Ghost-wail Slash, Fred's Swiftflash Dragon's Fang, Alia's Holy Shot, or Paola's Element Chain (they all seem to do about the same amount of damage).

If you have Kline use Life Beat, and then Ghost-wail Slash, the amount of damage he does is quite large. Regardless, this battle will take a little while, but you should be able to win.

The Monster Bird's Nest

Monster Birds Nest

After Penta leaves, get the Mining Point, and then go back to the main path. Go north to the next Mining Point, then follow the path to the east.

When you come to a spot with a small shining circle on the ground, that's the Monster Bird's Nest that you came here for.

When you pick it up, Kline will say it's time to go back to Rumonie. But before you do, there's still treasure to get here.

From where you found the Monster Bird's Nest, go north along the edge of the path to find another Mining Point.

Now go south, and when the path splits go to the southeast for another Mining Point and treasure T1 - Magic Whip.

Now, you can go back to Rumonie.

Back in Mitinpatin

When you deliver the Monster Bird's Nest, Rumonie gives you a Heart Ring. Then a Woman comes in and tells Rumonie the Holy Messengers are in Mitinpatin, and they're rounding up witches! Paola rushes outside to stop them, and the Officer in charge tells the soldiers to haul off Paola and all the other witches they can find and lock them up in Shinenrose.

Kline comes out to talk to the soldiers, and they tell him they received word of evil people in Mitinpatin who want to harm the Holy Messengers. The Officer accuses Kline of lying, and orders his men to arrest your entire party.

Trouble in Shinenrose

Back at Shinenrose, Kline meets with the Chief of the Holy Messengers. The Chief says the witches in Mitinpatin are trying to use potions to control the Holy Messengers, and orders them all to be executed, along with all the people Kline brought with him from Laft! Meanwhile, Kline is placed under house arrest.

Josh shows up and helps Kline escape from the guard, but when Kline gets to the dungeon, he finds everyone gone, and Orgadion badly wounded.

A soldier appears and sees Kline standing over Orgadion's body, and thinks Kline must have attacked him. Kline escapes to the priestess's room, where Kalysha secretly helps him and the others to escape Shinenrose through a secret Underground Path.


While Kalysha is helping Kline, she reveals that the priestesses have been secretly working with the witches for years, hoping to achieve their ultimate goal of destroying the High Beast Lord!

Kalysha reveals that in order to perform a Malevolence Extraction ceremony, the priestess has to be sacrificed to the High Beast Lord. After this there's a scene where we finally learn that this is exactly what happened to Kline's mother to make Kline want to kill the High Beast Lord himself. We also find out that the soldier Kline's mother was helping was Commander Orgadion, and that's why Orgadion raised Kline from that point on.

Afterwards, Kalysha says that although the sect is not strong enough to face the High Beast Lord, she thinks your party might be. Then she opens a secret door to the Underground Path, and says when you get out the other side, to go to the Path to the Holy Place. She says the High Beast Lord is at the Holy Place, and if you can get there in time you might be able to defeat him.

When the dialogue ends, take the stairs to the Underground Path.