Sanslika Town

Written by MSG Commander

As far as I know, you don't ever have to come to Sanslika Town, but when you leave Mitinpatin Town to go to Ryuze Plain, it's available. And when you get through the Underground Path, it's the only town in Illumica that's available, so you may as well come here now and get the treasures, if nothing else.

Search the pot in front of the Weapons Shop for a Barrier Shell. Cross the bridge to the west of the Weapons Shop, and then take the steps up to the ridge. Enter the house here and search the bookshelves in the back of the house for a Magic Power Seed. Now go back down the steps and head northeast.

Go up three sets of steps to get to the Mayor's house. Search the dresser inside his house for another Magic Power Seed. Go back down those three steps, and go east, then go south down three more sets of steps. Go north to the house above the Inn, and search the pot outside for 880G. Now search the dresser in the back of the house for a Heal Pot.

Now go south of the Inn, and cross the bridge to get a Green Light Talisman.

And, while you're here, you should also go into the Inn, and talk to Penta.

Now, you can go on to the Path to the Holy Place.