Search for the Chronicles

Written by MSG Commander

In Vaneisha Village, Ronan says she's noticed a change in Elyups Cave. Go here to find the next Chronicle.

Elyups Cave

Elyups Cave Chronicle

When you enter Elyups Cave, you automatically appear on the screen that has the Chronicle.

After the dialogue, just go north a bit until you see a shining circle on the wall.

The shining circle is a crest that's been imbued with magic, only to reveal the words it's hiding when the time is right.

Paola reads the Chronicle:

"The King of Evil is a being who planned to destroy a different world, but was unsuccessful, and fled to this world.

That being is absolutely not a force for good..."

It turns out the High Beast Lord was defeated in battle in a different world, and then somehow escaped into this world and started taking over human bodies.

When the dialogue ends, go back to Ronan in Vaneisha Village. Ronan says there may be other Chronicles hidden in similar crests around the world. Alia remembers seeing a similar crest at Earthdepths Lake.

Earthdepths Lake

Go to Earthdepths Lake, and again you'll enter the dungeon precisely in the room where the crest is located.

This one reads:

"The King of Evil created three Gray Sages.

It's said that one is from the Earth-Surface, one is from the Earth-Depths, and the final one is from neither of these places..."

We already know that the Elder from Ensen Hamlet was one of the three, but we don't know anything yet about the other two.

Paola says she needs to check for any hidden Chronicles in Illumica, and Vil says you'll be fine as long as you stay away from Shinenrose.

Mitinpatin Town

Exit Earthdepths Lake, and go to Mitinpatin Town to see Rumonie. Rumonie tells you there are three possible locations in Illumica - these three locations turn out to be Ryuze Plain, the Path to the Holy Place, and one you haven't been to yet - Illumica Temple.

After the dialogue, leave Rumonie's house. You'll run into Commander Orgadion, who tells you that the person who attacked him was hiding his face behind a dark hood - a Gray Sage.

Kline tells Orgadion what they've learned about the High Beast Lord, and Orgadion decides to come with you on your search for the hidden Chronicles (he doesn't actually join your party, though).

Once the dialogue ends, Exit Mitinpatin Town. Now on the World Map, every location in Illumica has been opened. (You'll still want to wait a little while though before you go to Mishisha Cave or the Forest of Purity.)

Ryuze Plain

Go to Ryuze Plain to find the next Chronicle. (This time you have to walk there all the way from the entrance.)

This one says:

"The people of the Earth-Surface formed the Holy Messengers, who regard the King of Evil as a god.

The Sorcerer of Darkness celebrated that."

The Path to the Holy Place

Now go to the Path to the Holy Place.

The Chronicle here says:

"The King of Evil used his own power to create High Beasts, beings of heightened Darkness.

The High Beasts are imitations, coming from the Darkness."

Illumica Temple

Now, go to Illumica Temple. Here, there are soldiers guarding the entrance, but fortunately Orgadion is with you and he's able to get rid of them. After the dialogue go north to the next screen. The Chronicle is on the north wall.

This one says:

"In the Earth-Depths there is the Realm of Swelling Darkness, and there exists Chronos, the Overlord, cloaked in the strongest of Darkness...

Chronos is extremely powerful, and possesses the power to draw the world towards an inescapable annihilation...

To go to where Chronos is, the power of five strong beings is needed..."

Orgadion realizes the High Beast Lord's plan:

By contolling the tribes in Laft to collect the Darkness, and sending it to Chronos, when Chronos goes mad from all the Darkness Energy the High Beast Lord will use him to destroy the world!

Furthermore, Orgadion realizes that if this is the High Beast Lord's plan, then if you can defeat Chronos, you can put a stop to it all.

Orgadion leaves to try and work with the others at Shinenrose to ensure that you can move around freely.

Now, to get to Chronos, you need to collect five Guardian Beasts. Kline says you should go ask the Varsh Tribe for help, so it's back to Laft. When the dialogue ends, Exit Illumica Temple and go to Vaneisha Village.