Written by MSG Commander

At Shinenrose, the priestesses agree to perform the Malevolence Extraction ceremony on Fred. Since Paola has the High Beast Taurus, Orgadion decides she's a Rivell as well, and she needs to be at the ceremony too. Meanwhile Alia goes to take a bath, and Kline gets some rest.

Later, Fred and Paola return from the ceremony, and Fred is given a clean bill of health. Paola asks about the priestess who performed the ceremony, and Kalysha says she's resting.

Kline gives Orgadion a detailed report on everything that's happened to him, and then Orgadion goes to arrange an audience with the Chief of the Holy Messengers. There's a bit of dialogue, and then a Soldier comes in and tells Kline to go to the Room of the High Beast Lord.

After the dialogue, get the Technique Strength Seed, then exit this room to the west.

You're now in sort of the "main hall" of Shinenrose Castle.

The first room to the south is a Supplies Shop. You can buy Materials here to strengthen your gear if you want, but you don't have to. Northeast of the Supplies Shop, there's an exit to a side room with a library and a small bedroom. Search the bookshelves in the library for a Holy Protection Talisman.

Now go back to the main hall, and enter the room north of the main entrance.

The Chief of the Holy Messengers, and the High Beast Lord

Kline tells the Chief of the Holy Messengers that the people of Laft are being affected by Darkness Energy, but that they're unaware of what's happening to them. He offers to act as a bridge between Laft and Illumica, to help the people there to get rid of the Darkness, but the Chief Priest accuses Kline of trying to deceive the Holy Messengers.

Then the High Beast Lord appears, and says there's evil in Laft, and that the people there are planning to come to the Earth-Surface. He says war between Laft and Illumica is inevitable, and basically tries to convince the Holy Messengers that they need to act now in order to protect themselves.

The Chief of the Holy Messengers tells Kline that he and his friends from Laft are safe for now, and they should go get some rest.

The Chronicles

After the dialoge, go back to the first room you were in. Kline tells Fred and Alia about his meeting with the Chief, and their orders to take some time off, and Paola suggests that you help her search for the Chronicles.

She says the Chronicles are the history of the creation of the world, and that according to the Chronicles, humans existed in the world long before the High Beast Lord appeared (which is contrary to what the Holy Messengers believe.) She also says the Chronicles are mainly about the King of Evil and the Respondent, but she doesn't know anything about who these two beings actually are.

Although no one's sure if they believe what the Chronicles say, everyone agrees to help Paola in her search. Paola says she knows someone in the next town who may have information about where to find the Chronicles, so it's off to Mitinpatin Town.

(Note: You can rest in the bed in Shinenrose for free at any time.)