Skills and magic meteorites

Written by MSG Commander

While it's still early in the game, this is a good time to start thinking about a long-term strategy.

There are some skills and accessories that you're pretty much going to need in order to beat certain Bosses (well, at least to make the battles easier). This page is not a complete strategy guide, but just a few pointers to help get you off to a good start.


There are three types of skill in the game - character skills, linked skills, and magic meteorite skills.

Character skills are gained when you reach the appropriate level, and linked skills become available as soon as the right members are in your party (although in order to use a linked skill, all required party members need to have their Assault Value at 100%).

As for magic meteorite skills, they're a bit more complicated, but not too bad. Each meteorite comes with two skills, generally a "single target" skill and an "all target" skill. When you buy a meteorite the first skill is automatically available, but you can't use the second skill until you've "mastered" that meteorite by filling in the CP points.

Character skills and meteorite skills all use SP. Most of these skills can be improved, up to Level 8, by simply using the skill in battle. (Using skills is the only way to improve their level.) The cool thing about the meteorite skills is you can improve the skill level, and if you transfer the meteorite to another party member, it retains whatever level you've reached.

Linked skills cannot be improved; however, they do become more powerful as the member's Partona Levels increase. Linked skills don't cost any SP, but they do require everyone involved to have a 100% action gauge.

Magic Meteorites

At the start of the game, only some of the magic meteorites are available in the Magic Meteorite Shop. The rest will become available much later (I believe it's after you've completed the Holy Place, Elfoss.) Most of the early game meteorites aren't that important - except for the status buffs and debuffs.

The important thing to remember about meteorites is that you cannot use the "all" version of the skill until the meteorite is mastered! To master a meteorite, you have to leave it equipped to someone until you earn the necessary CP points through battles.