The Final Showdown

Written by MSG Commander

When you enter the Realm of Swelling Darkness, Alia says she can sense the High Beast Lord from deep within the dungeon.

(He's in the same spot he was in last time, so it shouldn't be too hard to find.)


When you get to the final screen, the High Beast Lord is there waiting for you. It turns out after your last battle, his Shell-Lapis fell into the depths, into the darkest part of the dungeon. The High Beast Lord was able to use that Darkness to regain his physical form. Even so, in his present state he's still not strong enough to defeat Uranus.

He tells you that he'll stop all of this if you'll just hand over Rooselevy (who, after all, was born to oppose him).

Kline refuses to give him Rooselevy, and then you get to fight the High Beast Lord.

Boss Battle

Final High Beast Lord

High Beast Lord

weak against Light

You must use All-Reflect in this battle (especially if you're only around Level 80).

The High Beast Lord will use Hell Rain, so don't worry too much about status effects (good or bad). Also, be warned: the High Beast Lord gets 3 turns each round.

For this battle, you'll want to use Kline, Alia, and Fred.

On your first turn, use Kline and Alia's Linked Skill "Cross Brink" while Fred uses All-Reflect.

Now use Kline's Ghost-wail Slash (do NOT use Black Flash Oblivion Blade, since the High Beast Lord is strong against Darkness!)

Have Alia use Holy Breath and Energy Flow (and keep everyone's HP high - even if you think you can survive one more round of damage, in this battle it's always better to be safe than sorry.)

Have Fred literally use All-Reflect each turn. Although the High Beast Lord will not use magic on every turn, if you keep using All-Reflect, then any magic he does use will be reflected back on himself.

If you want, you can switch your party around and use some more Linked Skills, but really you want to keep using Kline, Alia, and Fred as much as you possibly can. (Do your best to keep these three alive, but if that fails, then just do your best with whoever you've got left.)

This battle takes a long time, and the only way to win is to carefully think through every round. If you think someone needs healing - use it. Otherwise, if you wait one round they might die. Time your attacks carefully, and you should be able to win (although, even at Level 90, it's not always guaranteed).

Multiple Endings

After the battle, there's a lengthy closing scene. At the very end of it all you get a "bonus scene" with Kline and a random party member.

I don't know what triggers the different endings, but so far I've seen three:

One with Kline and Alia in the Village of the Lipsia Tribe,

One with Kline and Paola in Vaneisha Village,

One with Kline, Fred, Anne, and Vil in Shinenrose.

Anyway, after that scene, you'll be prompted to save your game, and now when you load that save data, you'll be able to access the Bonus Material for the game.