The Holy Place, Elfoss

Written by MSG Commander

Treasure in the Holy Place

Before you enter the main area, go to the west to get a treasure - Magic Robe.

Secret Passage

Now go through the door into the main hall, and take the west exit.

Go to the end of the hall, go through the door, and there's a secret passage to the east that leads to another treasure - a Spiritual Strength Seed.

Now go back to the main hall and take the east exit. Go to the end of that hall, and go through the door to get a third treasure - an Elixir.

Now go back to the main hall and take the north exit.

Another Chronicle

When you enter the next screen, you find a Chronicle. This one says,

"The King of Evil was defeated in battle. He fled to this world, and turned his body into a crystal.

The King of Evil's crystal is a representation of his spirit, and moves between human bodies, surviving in the hope of his resurrection...

Each of the hosts finally lose themselves, and interfere in the world as the will of the King of Evil directs them to do."

Paola explains that long ago, the King of Evil was defeated in battle and lost his body. In order to remain in the world, he then turned his spirit into a crystal, which now moves from one human body to another, taking over his host and making them do terrible things. In this way, the King of Evil is able to remain in the world until the day finally comes that his body can be resurrected.

She also mentions that the Chronicle in Verdant Forest said the King of Evil had brought forth some strange underlings, and that he was planning something bad.


Paola says she thinks the King of Evil is the High Beast Lord.

Just then, Kalysha appears on the scene. Kalysha says that 16 years ago, the High Beast Lord suddenly disappeared, and the sect suspected he may have been hiding inside a human body. She says that the host for the High Beast Lord is Kline! Kalysha believes the High Beast Lord is using Kline, and is getting closer every day to being revived.

Furthermore, she says the only way to stop the High Beat Lord is to kill Kline. All this is more than Kline can handle, and the Darkness inside him literally comes bursting out. Alia helps Kline return to normal. Kline tells Rooselevy he's ready to give him his life, if Rooselevy can kill the High Beast Lord, but Rooselevy says it's impossible.

The other party members refuse to let Kline end his own life, so they have to come up with another way to remove the High Beast Lord and save Kline. Paola says if you search for the remaining Chronicles, you may be able to find a way to stop the High Beast Lord. Fred suggests that you leave the Holy Place, and find somewhere more comfortable where you can discuss your options.

When the dialogue ends, go back to the main hall and through the front door.

As you're leaving, a mysterious person shows up at the entrance to the Holy Place. It turns out, it's the Gray Sage. She recognizes Paola as a pupil of the Witch of Wisdom, Yorsei. The Gray Sage says the party knows too much, and she's come here to destroy you, and then you get to battle.

Boss Battle

Gray Sage

Gray Sage

You can't beat Gray Sage, so just put the battle on Auto and let her kill your party.

(Don't worry, this is the one Boss battle in this game that you're supposed to lose.)

After the battle, as the Gray Sage is getting ready to kill you all, a second Gray Sage appears and stops her.

While the second Gray Sage has got her trapped, Fred sneaks in and delivers the killing blow to the first Gray Sage.

Then, you learn the true identity of each of the two sages.


The first Gray Sage falls, and her true identity is revealed - it's the Elder from Ensen Hamlet! The Elder dies, and her body disappears.

Then, the second Gray Sage reveals his true identity - it's Josh! Somehow, Josh was able to imitate the Gray Sage, and use her own skills against her to save all your lives.

But then soldiers appear at the Holy Place. (You guys just can't get a break these days.)

The soldiers accuse your party of murdering the Chief of the Holy Messengers. They're ready to kill you all for being traitors, but then another soldier runs in and orders them all back to base. (It turns out, this other soldier is actually Vil, and he does in fact rescue you. Vil says it's dangerous to be in Illumica right now, and says you all need to get to Laft as quickly as possible.)

The game cuts to a scene with Anne, during which she forms a partnership with Nikay. Nikay says he'll grant any wish, and Anne tells him to bring her bother, Fred, back to life. Nikay tells Anne that Fred is still alive.

When the dialogue ends, tap on the down arrow next to Abyss Cliff to get back to Laft.


The game cuts to the Rubble Zone, where Kline formally introduces Vil to the rest of the party. Vil reveals that he was in fact working against you. In fact, he was working for the Gray Sage. The Gray Sage had ordered Vil to get Kline and Fred both into Laft, and then to leave them there. He didn't want to betray you, but the Sage was holding his sister hostage.

Kline invites Vil to join the party, and Kalysha goes back to Illumica to check on the movements of the Holy Messengers. Then Paola suggests you get back to searching for the Chronicles. Since it's too dangerous to go back to Illumica right now, your only option for finding more clues is to go talk to the Flame Witch in Vaneisha Village.

When the dialogue ends, exit the Rubble Zone and go to Vaneisha Village. Note that a new area in Laft has now opened - Aklord. You can go there now, but you'll probably die, so you might as well wait until you're quite a bit stronger (around Level 60 or so).