The Other World

Written by MSG Commander

When you get to Avis Gate, Josh opens the path to the portal. Go inside, and Paola investigates the area.

She says it's not safe for normal humans to enter the Distortion, but Kline should be okay to go through alone. First, though, the Distortion needs to be activated, and for that, Paola will need help from Ronan and Rumonie.

Ronan and Rumonie

Go to Vaneisha Village and Mitinpatin Town, and talk to Ronan and Rumonie. Kalysha and the people from the Varsh Tribe also agree to help with the Distortion.

Now go back to Avis Gate, to the Distortion. Talk to one of the witches to start the dialogue. Kline goes through the portal, and the rest of your party goes to get some rest.

The Other World

In the Other World, Kline meets Lagomorph, Josh's teacher. Lagomorph takes you to the Shrine of the Heavenly World, and says to follow him further in.

Exit the Shrine, and go to the Square of Fate. Go north to the third screen, where Lagomorph introduces you to Uranus, the King of the Guardian Beasts.

The King of the Guardian Beasts

Uranus says that the Guardian Beasts help to maintain balance between the two worlds, and that if Chronos dies, both worlds will be utterly destroyed. But, there is a way. If you can defeat Chronos and return him to his Shell, then both worlds will be safe.

Uranus tells you that the High Beast Lord was once the guardian of Justice in the Heavenly World, but he fought against Uranus and after that he escaped to your world and started wreaking havoc.

You also find out that the Distortion that brought you here is a scar from a battle with the Queen of Darkness, which happened long before the King of Evil. (This will figure into the story later.)

Lagomorph and Uranus tell you the High Beast Lord's plan is to defeat Chronos and take over his body, and then to come back and defeat Uranus, and take over the world.

Kline and the High Beast Lord

Kline also finds out that what's inside of him is not the High Beast Lord - it's just Darkness. Somehow Kline has the ability to control Darkness, much like the Guardian Beasts can do. Because of Kline's abilities, the High Beast Lord made it look like he was hiding in Kline's body, so that no one would know where he actually was.

After all this, the final Gray Sage appears in a hologram. Kline says he's got to get back and defeat Chronos before the High Beast Lord gets to him, and Lagomorph brings him back to the Distortion.

Back in Laft, Kline tells everyone what he learned.

Now, it's back to the Realm of Swelling Darkness, to confront Chronos and return him to his Shell before it's too late.

(But first, it's time to grind - again.)