The Road to Abyss Cliff

Written by MSG Commander

There's just a few more things to do before you actually get to enter Abyss Cliff.

Back at Vaneisha Village, Ronan turns the Undiluted Magma into a Flame Sealing Sphere, which will let you smash the rocks at Abyss Cliff.

When you're done there, go back to Ensen Hamlet to check on Fred. Fred says he's recovered and is ready to go with Kline back to Illumica. In fact, the entire party is going.

The Boy and the Weird Voice

With all that settled, leave the Elder's house. The Fortune-teller comes running up and tells your party about a Weird Voice coming from the Mine. The Fortune-teller told a boy from the village about the voice, and now she's afraid that boy has gone to investigate, and may be in danger.

Fred insists on saving the boy before returning to Illumica, so it's time to take a little side trip back to the Mine.

When you enter the Mine, you hear the strange voice saying it's going to kill you. Go north, and your party will go to the spot where you first saw Alia. You hear the boy calling for help, and Kline says there's somewhere around here that leads down.

Take the exit to the side room, and you'll see the Vasist that Kline fought way back when (only now his name is Nikay.) Nikay is out for blood. The Boy tries to run, and then Kline and the rest of the party show up on the scene, and you get to fight.

Boss Battle



This will be the hardest Boss battle you've faced so far.

You won't have any Linked skills available, because everyone's Assault Value will still be zero, but that's okay.

Have Kline use Life Beat, and Alia use Guard Field, and have Paola use Mana Boost on Alia.

Then use Kline's Ironbreak Slash, Alia's Holy Shot, and Paola's Lightning Bolt, and meanwhile be sure to keep everyone's HP high!

If Nikay uses Weak Enemy, all your stats will be lowered and you'll have to alter your tactics. (Basically, place more emphasis on healing everyone, or be prepared to go through a couple of Reviving Potions. Either way, this battle's gonna suck until your stats go back to normal.)

When the batle ends, the party returns the Boy to his village, and now is ready to go to on.

But, before you go to Abyss Cliff, it's time to do some serious grinding.