Underground Path

Written by MSG Commander

When you enter the Underground Path, take the east exit, and then go through a long passage, collecting Mining Points along the way.

Hajay, the Wandering Merchant

Hajay the wandering merchant

On the next screen, you'll come to a man standing next to a tent. The man is Hajay, the wandering merchant. You can buy Supplies from him, and you can also rest in his tent (for free!)

From here, take the path all the way to the east to the Mining Point, then go through exit 1C.

Follow the path through 1B to the first treasure, then go back and go through 1D and 1E.

Follow the path all the way to another Mining Point, then go back and take exit 2A.

On this screen, Alia suggests that you take a break for awhile. After the dialogue, collect the two Mining Points in this room and then go through exit 2B.

Get the two treasures near the entrance, then follow the path to the northwest, and go through the secret passage to get the last treasure.

Now go back and take the path to the exit.

Once outside, your next destination is the Path to the Holy Place - but first, a quick visit to Sanslika Town.