Vaneisha Village

Written by MSG Commander

When you enter Vaneisha Village, you find out that it's home to the Varsh Tribe - the same tribe who tried to offer Kline and Alia as human sacrifices. Paola assures Alia that the majority of the Varsh Tribe believe in peace, and that only a few revolutionaries practice human sacrifice.

Regardless, the person you need to see here is not a member of the Varsh Tribe, but is the Flame Witch, an old acquaintance of Paola's.

After the dialogue, go ahead and search the village for treasure.

On the west side of town, search the pot outside the Weapon Shop for a Lifespring Ring, and the one inside the shop for 2700G. Go south of the Weapon Shop and search the pot inside the witch's house (the town witch, not the Flame Witch!) for a Shield Shell.

Now, talk to the town Witch to unlock the next set of requests. You can't do any of these requests just yet, but you are going to Elyups Cave next, so it's a good idea to unlock them now.

On the east side of town, go to the home north of the Inn, and search the pot outside for an Agility Seed. Skip the home north of this one (it's where you'll find the Flame Witch) and go west to the Chief's house. Search the pot in the Chief's house for an Energy Cube.

Meeting the Flame Witch

Now go to the home in the northeast corner to meet Ronan, the Flame Witch.

It seems Ronan and Paola aren't exactly on good terms, but even so she agrees to help you. But in order to make a spell strong enough, she needs you to collect some Undiluted Magma from Elyups Cave.

When you're ready to go on, your next destination is Elyups Cave.