Verdant Forest

Written by MSG Commander

When you enter the forest, Paola says the Chronicle should be in here, and it might look like a stone slab, or it might be carved into a tree.

(Spoiler: it's a stone slab.)

From the entrance, take exit A to the second screen, and then follow the path through B and C, and back again through A.

Back on the first screen, get the treasure and then take exit D. Get the treasure and the Mining Point, then take the northwest path to exit E, and get the third treasure.

Now go back to the fourth screen, and go through exit F and exit G, then go south through exit H to get another treasure.

Now go north, and go through exit I and J.

On the next screen, Fred suggests you take a little break, and then your party is surrounded by assassins, and there's a Boss battle.

Boss Battle


Assassin x2

Drop: None

These guys aren't too hard, but their Assassination move can kill a character in one hit. If you don't want to deal with them, just use Last Judge. They'll die in less than one hit (kidding, but really they'll die on the first turn.)

After the battle, there's a bit of dialogue. Once that ends, go north to the next screen, then follow the path to exit L. Go south again to exit M, then follow the path to another treasure.

Now go back through exit L, then follow the path to exit O, and the final screen.

The Chronicle

On the final screen, Paola finds a Chronicle. While she's trying to interpret it, Josh leads everyone off to look at pretty flowers...

While she's deciphering what she's found, she reads the following (to herself):

"The King of Evil, having lost his own body, brought forth the Sage...
He spread the Darkness wide..."

Paola tells the party the Chronicle they've found isn't the full text, so she's not sure of the meaning, and therefore she's not prepared to tell anyone else what it actually says.

After you're done here, there's a scene with Anne in the Rubble Zone, and another one with Vil in some kind of training room.

The Search Continues

To find the next Chronicle, you need to go back to Mitinpatin and talk to Rumonie.

Rumonie says she doesn't know the whereabouts of any other Chronicles, but she'll ask around for you. Meanwhile, she asks you to get a Monster Bird's Nest for her from Ryuze Plain, and Kline agrees to her request.