Village of the Lipsia Tribe pt. 2

Written by MSG Commander

When you get back to the village, Alia says to go to the Chief's house.

Alia tells the Chief about the Desert, about the Varsh Tribe and the Vasist, and how Kline was able to save her yet again. The Chief is so impressed with Kline that he decides to have a party that night in Kline's honor. At the party, Kline gets sick, and he goes somewhere to sleep it off.

Meanwhile, the Chief decides to "entertain" the tribe with a demonstration of the Lipsia magic weapons. He announces his plans to destroy the other tribes in Laft - and all the people in Illumica! Then he starts using the magic weapons to murder captured soldiers from Illumica. Alia is shocked, and leaves the party to try and find Kline.

Kline wakes up in a basement somewhere, where he meets Fred, a fellow soldier from the Grinsil Brigade. While they're talking, a Lipsia Tribe man comes in to take Fred off to be executed. Kline tries to stop him, and you get to fight.

Boss Battle



This is another really easy battle.

Use Black Flame Slash (or Windslasher Blade, if you have it) and just keep attacking until he's dead. It should only take three or four rounds.

After the battle, Kline and Fred escape from the basement and meet up with Alia near the entrance to the village.

It seems all the residents of the Village of the Lipsia Tribe are being infected by the Darkness, and it's turning them all into Changeforms, making them go crazy!

Then, there's another Boss battle.

Boss Battle


Soldier x3

For this battle, I recommend using Gale Flash, Holy Shot, and Black Flame Slash or Windslasher Blade.

(You may need to use an Energy Drink on Kline to restore his SP - or just use his physical attack.)

If a Soldier is almost dead, you may want to set two party members to use their skills on the next Soldier, and have the third member just Attack the one who's almost dead.

You can also use Guard Field to raise everyone's DEF if you want to, but you probably don't really need it.

After this battle, there's a short scene with Vil and Anne back at Illumica, then the game cuts to Kline, Alia and Fred in Dust Hill. Kline collapses, and Rooselevy says he's ready to claim what's left of Kline's life. Just then, Paola shows up and casts a spell that extends Kline's life indefinitely (basically preventing Rooselevy from making good on his promise.)

Kline is still weak though, and in order to save him, Paola needs a Darkness Lily Bulb from Avis Gate. Paola and Alia leave to find the Darkness Lily Bulb, and there's a long bit of dialogue between Fred and Kline. When the dialogue finally ends, the game cuts to Alia and Paola in Avis Gate.