Village of the Lipsia Tribe

Written by MSG Commander

After the scene in the Mine, Kline wakes up on the floor in Alia's house. Kline tells Alia that he's from Illumica, on the Earth-Surface. Alia is surprised to meet someone from Illumica, but she decides Kline is not her enemy - and besides, he did save her life, so she owes it to him to repay her debt.

After that, Alia goes to meet with the Chief. The Chief and the Elder praise Alia for a job well done on her last mission, but they're distraught by the fact that the rest of her brigade died, and they weren't able to bring back any Dark Matter.

Alia tells the Chief about Kline being from Illumica, and how he saved her life in the mine. The Chief orders Alia to look after Kline, and tells everyone else to treat him kindly.

The game cuts back to Kline, and you're now free to explore the village.

Treasure in Lipsia

Treasure in towns and villages in this game is hidden in pots, either outside, or inside someone's home. To find the treasure in the Village of the Lipsia Tribe, leave Alia's home, and go east to the next house over. Search the pot outside that house for a Reviving Potion.

Then go north to the Weapon Shop, and search the pot outside for 120G. Then, search the pot inside the Weapon Shop for a Heal Drink.

On With the Story

Now enter the home to the west of the Weapon Shop, and search the pot there for an Energy Drink.

Once you've got all the treasure, enter the home in the north. As you approach the door, Alia comes storming out. In the midst of her tirade, she decides that Kline is going to come with her on her next job, which is in Earthdepths Lake.