Monster List

Written by MSG Commander

Monsters in bold are Bosses, Gatekeepers, or Witch's Request Bosses.

# Name Location Drop Steal
1 Pancho Heal Drink Heal Drink
2 Killer Bat Mine Poison Eraser Poison Eraser
3 Rock Worm Mine Light Thread Light Thread
4 Lizard Man Mine Vitality Seed Large Iron Ore
5 Vasist Mine Heal Drink None
6 Pick Bird Rubble Zone Light Feather Light Feather
7 Man Trap Rubble Zone Sturdy Tendril Sturdy Tendril
8 Trap Mother Rubble Zone Dissolving Stone Thorny Tendril
9 Killer Dog Rubble Zone Sturdy Leather Light Leather
10 Vasist Mine Reviving Potion None
11 Giant Bat Earthdepths Lake Poison Eraser Purple Bat Fang
12 Goblin Earthdepths Lake Heal Drink Tough Branch
13 Cave Turtle Earthdepths Lake Iron Ore Iron Ore
14 Gelatin Earthdepths Lake Gelatin Ball Gelatin Ball
15 Blue Phantom Earthdepths Lake Blue Scented Stone Blue Scented Stone
16 Sad Wraith Earthdepths Lake Pure White Ring Magic Scented Stone
17 Sand Worm Black Desert of Deem Light Thread Light Thread
18 Hobgoblin Black Desert of Deem Heal Drink Tough Branch
19 Desert Wraith Black Desert of Deem Gently-gleaming Flower Strange Amulet
20 Red Phantom Black Desert of Deem Red Scented Stone Red Scented Stone
21 King Lizard Black Desert of Deem Beast Hide Poison Potion
22 Lizard Sword Avis Gate Dew Stone Fragment Dew Stone Fragment
23 Chocolate Pancho Avis Gate Heal Drink Heal Drink
24 Green Phantom Avis Gate Green Scented Stone Green Scented Stone
25 Big Mouth Avis Gate Light Feather Light Feather
# Name Location Drop Steal
26 Shadow Avis Gate Magic Scented Stone Magic Scented Stone
27 Man Eater Avis Gate Thorny Tendril Sturdy Tendril
28 Grand Turtle Dust Hill Bronze Stone Bronze Stone Fragment
29 Smog Devil Dust Hill Poison Eraser Floatstone Fragment
30 Sugar Pancho Dust Hill Heal Pot Heal Pot
31 Killer Wolf Dust Hill Wild Beast Tusk Wild Beast Tusk
32 Yellow Phantom Dust Hill Yellow Scented Stone Yellow Scented Stone
33 Fire Eater Elyups Cave Tough Spider Silk Tough Spider Silk
34 Red Warrior Elyups Cave Bronze Stone Bronze Stone
35 Flame Elyups Cave Red Scented Bead Magic Scented Stone
36 Little Mage Elyups Cave Glimmerstone Fragment Torrent Branch
37 Magma Elyups Cave Gelatin Ball Gelatin Ball
38 Efreet Elyups Cave Silver Charred Red Stone
39 Guardian Abyss Cliff Large Iron Ore Large Iron Ore
40 Dark Eye Abyss Cliff Wild Beast Tusk Cyclops Blood Poison
41 Medusa Lizard Abyss Cliff Cureall Beast Hide
42 Raven Abyss Cliff Blue Feather Blue Feather
43 Black Phantom Black Scented Stone Black Scented Stone
44 Devil Plant Burning Bush Tendril Thorny Tendril
45 Acid Worm Verdant Forest Tough Spider Silk Tough Spider Silk
46 Shaman Verdant Forest Glimmerstone Fragment Glimmerstone Fragment
47 Green Pancho Heal Pot Heal Pot
48 Rafflesia Verdant Forest Muscular Strength Seed Burning Bush Tendril
49 Smog Beast Dust Hill (underground) Rainbow-shining Flower Gently-gleaming Flower
50 Water Blue Scented Bead Magic Scented Stone
# Name Location Drop Steal
51 Night Hound Dust Hill (underground) Beast Hide Wild Beast Tusk
52 Desert Knight Dust Hill None Dew Stone
53 Sky Terror Dust Hill (underground) Golden Feather Blue Feather
54 Seadrake Earthdepths Lake (depths) Silver Frost Stone Beast Hide
55 Paralyze Bat Earthdepths Lake (depths) Cureall Purple Bat Fang
56 Sea Knight Earthdepths Lake (depths) Sharp Dew Stone Dew Stone
57 Leviathan Earthdepths Lake (depths) Whale's Beard Heal Sphere
58 Iron Turtle Ryuze Plain Silver Large Iron Ore
59 Grim Wolf Ryuze Plain Magic Beast's Claw (type 2)* Magic Beast's Claw (type 2)*
60 Green Elemental Ryuze Plain Green Scented Bead Green Scented Bead
61 Big Wing Ryuze Plain Blue Feather Blue Feather
62 Poison Ryuze Plain None Pudding Ball
63 Red Elemental Elyups Cave (depths) Red Scented Bead Red Scented Bead
64 Dark Wraith Elyups Cave (depths) Black Scented Bead Black Scented Stone
65 Hot Chili Pancho Elyups Cave (depths) Heal Cube Heal Cube
66 Red Dragon Elyups Cave (depths) Dragon's Tusk Wyvern's Scale
67 Werebat Cureall Poison Potion
68 Voodoo Underground Path Energy Pot Baby Wood-Carving
69 Dark Underground Path Black Scented Bead Magic Scented Bead
70 Gargoyle Underground Path Forbidden Spell Seal Magic Scented Bead
71 Heavy Worm Underground Path Gold Thread Tough Spider Silk
72 Roc Path to the Holy Place Golden Feather Blue Feather
73 Killer Fang Magic Beast's Claw (type 1)* Magic Beast's Claw (type 1)*
74 Basilisk Path to the Holy Place Cureall Beast Hide
75 Mighty Monk Power Coin Sweet-smelling Gem

* There are two items in this game both called "Magic Beast's Claw." One type (type 1) is available from a variety of monsters, and the other (type 2) is only available from Grim Wolf. Most weapons and armor need type 1.

# Name Location Drop Steal
76 Pudding Path to the Holy Place Pudding Ball Pudding Ball
77 Red Chicken Aklord Forbidden Spell Seal Charred Red Stone
78 Giant Lizard Aklord Giant Beast Fossil Beast Hide
79 Thunder Tank Aklord Silver Bronze Stone
80 Night Demon Aklord Agility Seed Magic Scented Bead
81 Vermillion Bird Aklord Golden Feather Blue Feather
82 Death Bat Mishisha Cave Cureall Poison Potion
83 Iron Pancho Heal Cube Heal Cube
84 Ectoplasm Mishisha Cave Magic Scented Bead Magic Scented Bead
85 Lizard Knight Silver Chunk Silver
86 Golem Mishisha Cave ??? ???
87 Ruin Turtle Forgotten Ruins Silver Chunk Large Bronze Stone
88 Yellow Elemental Forgotten Ruins Yellow Scented Bead Yellow Scented Bead
89 Cyclops Forgotten Ruins Technique Strength Seed Large Bronze Stone
90 Storm Floatstone Crystal Floatstone
91 Ancient Dragon Forgotten Ruins Dragon Hide Wyvern's Scale
92 Holy Old Glimmerstone Glimmerstone
93 Blue Elemental Blue Scented Bead Blue Scented Bead
94 Gargoyle Lord Shrine of Prayer Spiritual Strength Seed Magic Scented Bead
95 El-Gigant Shrine of Prayer ??? Holy Protection Stone
96 Sky Whale Shrine of Prayer ??? ???
97 Hell Priest Reviving Potion Reviving Potion
98 Death Graton Verdant Forest (depths) Dissolving Stone Vermillion Seed
99 Metal Body Verdant Forest (depths) Mithril Silver
100 Petit Graton Verdant Forest (depths) Burning Bush Tendril Burning Bush Tendril
# Name Location Drop Steal
101 Copper Dragon Verdant Forest (depths) Dragon's Tusk Wyvern's Scale
102 Nue ??? Magic Beast's Claw (type 1)*
103 Dragon Dragon Hide Wyvern's Scale
104 Little Hobbit Forest of Purity Energy Drink Mana Coin
105 Slime Forest of Purity Luxury Agar Luxury Agar
106 Blue Dragon Forest of Purity Dragon Hide Wyvern's Scale
107 Archdemon Gold Thread Magic Scented Bead
108 Dead Space Hades Necklace Black Darkness Stone
109 Diamond Dust Sharp Dew Stone Dew Stone
110 Dragon Zombie Dragon's Tusk Wyvern's Scale
111 Bloody Cureall Poison Potion
112 Ogre Realm of Swelling Darkness Vitality Seed Shield Shell
113 Assassin Lord Realm of Swelling Darkness Burning Curse Stone Cureall
114 Mad Eater Realm of Swelling Darkness Goddess Amulet Baby Wood-Carving
115 Messenger of the Stars Forest of Purity (depths) Heal Sphere Whale's Beard
116 Dragon Knight Damascus Silver Chunk
117 Holy Gigant Forest of Purity (depths) Guard Coin Holy Protection Stone
118 White Elemental Forest of Purity (depths) White Scented Bead White Scented Bead
119 White Pancho Forest of Purity ??? ???
120 Cerberus Alia's Spirit Technique Strength Seed Magic Beast's Claw (type ?)*
121 Ogre Lord Alia's Spirit Muscular Strength Seed Barrier Shell
122 Messenger of the Gods Alia's Spirit Heal Sphere Whale's Beard
123 Nightmare Alia's Spirit Burning Curse Stone Cureall
124 Ares Alia's Spirit Black Gold Large Bronze Stone
125 Greater Demon Alia's Spirit Gold Thread Magic Scented Bead

* There are two items in this game both called "Magic Beast's Claw." One type (type 1) is available from a variety of monsters, and the other (type 2) is only available from Grim Wolf. Most weapons and armor need type 1.

# Name Location Drop Steal
126 Soldier Village of the Lipsia Tribe Heal Pot unavailable
127 Juron Black Desert of Deem Barrier Shell unavailable
128 Mother Eater Avis Gate Reviving Potion unavailable
129 Brave Naud Hamlet Heal Sphere unavailable
130 Ugly Dragon Elyups Cave Red Scented Bead unavailable
131 Assassin Verdant Forest None unavailable
132 Nikay Ensen Hamlet Silver Elixir
133 Taurus Village of the Lipsia Tribe Mithril Vitality Seed
134 Amm Tribe Forgotten Ruins Spiritual Strength Seed Energy Cube
135 Amm Tribe Forgotten Ruins Magic Power Seed Energy Cube
136 Amm Tribe Forgotten Ruins Agility Seed Energy Cube
137 Gray Sage Forgotten Ruins Damascus Black Gold
138 Chronos Realm of Swelling Darkness Elixir Elixir
139 Chronos (2nd time) Realm of Swelling Darkness Life Necklace Elixir
140 High Beast Lord Realm of Swelling Darkness None None
141 Rooselevy Alia's Spirit Hades Necklace Elixir
142 High Beast Lord (2nd time) Realm of Swelling Darkness None None