Written by MSG Commander

There are three types of skills in Justice Chronicles - basic skills (just called "skills"), magic meteorite skills, and linked skills.

Some skills and magic meteorite skills increase in level with repeated use. (In other words, the more often you use the skill, the faster it will level up.)

A level 8 skill is far more powerful than a level 1 skill.

Linked skills do not increase in level, but using a linked skill with party members who all have high Partona Levels will increase the strength of the skill.


Every party member learns their own skill set as they level up.

Different skills are learned at different levels, and each member learns a different number of skills.

Most of these skills can be increased by using them repeatedly in battle. (Skills that have 1 gold star cannot be increased.)

As the skill level increases, so does the strength of that skill. Skills can be increased up to a maximum of Level 8.

Some of these skills will increase in level as the party member levels up, but the best way to max out these skills is to use them regularly in battle.

For detailed information about all skills, see the Skill List.

Magic Meteorite Skills

Magic meteorite skills are similar to basic skills, except that the meteorites can be exchanged between party members (while keeping whatever skill level has already been gained.)

Some magic meteorite skills are only Level 1, and some can be increased up to Level 8 by using them in battle.

Magic meteorite skill levels do not increase as the party member levels up.

For detailed information, see Magic Meteorites.

Linked Skills

Linked skills are skills that are performed by two or three party members all at once. Performing a linked skill uses the turn for all party members involved.

Linked skills become available as soon as someone new joins your party, but they can only be used when all the required party members have a full Action Gauge.

Linked skills don't use SP, and they also don't increase in strength the same way that regular skills or magic meteorite skills do. However, if the party members involved have a high Partona Level, this will make the linked skill more powerful.

For more detailed information, see Linked Skills.