Monster List

Written by 1oldtymer

Monsters #>65 are post-game

1 Wolf North Forest Life Potion Poison Eraser
2 Bandit WM-Graileda Town Life Potion Eye Drops
3 Plant North Forest Herbs of Life Calming Herbs
4 Fenbreath North Forest Crystal Necklace Deluxe Life Potion
5 Spirit Eternally-sleeping Ruins Spirit Potion Calming Potion
6 Slime Eternally-sleeping Ruins Life Potion Paralysis-erasing Potion
7 Imp Eternally-sleeping Ruins Revival Potion Holy Crystal
8 Birzuga Eternally-sleeping Ruins Lucklau Magic Power Miracle Potion
9 Mimic Undersea tunnel
  • Campset,
  • Holy Orb
Calming Potion
10 Mad Golem Undersea tunnel Memory Crystal Stone-breaking Potion
11 Guardian Undersea tunnel Soma Runesoul
12 Mercenary WM-Nowais Town Eye Drops Life Potion
13 Elemental Quietly-sleeping Ruins Memory Crystal Poison Eraser
14 Skeleton Quietly-sleeping Ruins Campset Paralysis-erasing Potion
15 Witch Quietly-sleeping Ruins Spirit Potion Eye Drops
16 Awnorga Quietly-sleeping Ruins Secret Potion of the Horned Ones Miracle Potion of Strength
17 Ghost WM-Rimiein Town Spirit Potion Calming Herbs
18 Kid Devil WM-Rimiein Town Memory Crystal Awakening Herbs
19 Flaiguer Deeply-sleeping Ruins Life Potion Life Potion
20 Looter Deeply-sleeping Ruins
  • Rune Capsule,
  • Smoke Screen
  • Memory Crystal,
  • Smoke Screen
21 Wikroo Deeply-sleeping Ruins Lucklau Miracle Potion of Life
22 Death Plant Hamyuk Cemetery
  • Spirit Herbs,
  • Lucklau
Herbs of Life
23 Spartoi Hamyuk Cemetery Memory Crystal Spirit Potion
24 Wraith Hamyuk Cemetery High-quality Life Potion None
25 Gel Peacefully-sleeping Ruins Poison Eraser Eye Drops
26 Widunt Overlem Town Stone-breaking Potion Revival Potion
27 Imitator Peacefully-sleeping Ruins
  • High-quality Life Potion,
  • Ring of Strength
  • Calming Herbs,
  • Purification Potion
28 Living Armor Peacefully-sleeping Ruins Rune Potion Spirit Potion
29 Vilay-Uru Peacefully-sleeping Ruins Soma Runesoul
30 Sorcerer WM-Reyarnea Village High-quality Spirit Potion Spirit Potion
31 Neicure WM-Reyarnea Village
  • High-quality Life Potion,
  • Holy Orb
Herbs of Life
32 Fighter Azulcuna Tower Campset Stone-breaking Potion
33 Specter Azulcuna Tower Return Crystal
  • Smoke Screen,
  • Rune Potion
34 Azure Gladiator Azulcuna Tower Fighter's Knowledge Soma
35 Galoom Path of Crossing Time Memory Crystal Life Potion
36 Sprawfis Path of Crossing Time Rune Potion
  • Spirit Potion,
  • Ring of Magic Power
37 Balgis Path of Crossing Time Secret Potion of the Heavens Strongarm Ring
38 Blob WM-Pridela Village Paralysis-erasing Potion Awakening Herbs
39 Skeleton Soldier WM-Pridela Village Purification Potion Stone-breaking Potion
40 Crahari Carmeshicuna Shrine
  • Healing Potion,
  • Soma
  • Spirit Potion,
  • Priest's Ring
41 Dullahan Carmeshicuna Shrine Memory Crystal Return Crystal
42 Crimson Protector Carmeshicuna Shrine Knight's Knowledge Secret Potion of the Horned Ones
43 Cubrican Ravine of the Winds High-quality Life Potion Rune Capsule
44 Demon Ravine of the Winds High-quality Spirit Potion
  • Spirit Herbs,
  • Soul Amulet
45 Farlga Ravine of the Winds Miracle Potion of the Spirit Trace of Life
46 Furcul WM-Platacuna Tower Revival Potion Herbs of Life
47 Toratayn Platacuna Tower High-quality Life Potion Life Potion
48 Assassin Platacuna Tower
  • Holy Crystal,
  • Holy Orb
Awakening Herbs
49 Shogoth Platacuna Tower Campset
  • Spirit Potion,
  • Ring of Magic Power
50 Living Soldier Platacuna Tower Runesoul Rune Capsule
51 Silver Protector Platacuna Tower Orichalcum Ore Sorcerer's Ring
52 Ethurick Negrocuna Shrine Deluxe Spirit Potion Spirit Potion
53 Mandragora Negrocuna Shrine Lucklau Herbs of Life
54 Night Raider Negrocuna Shrine
  • Memory Crystal,
  • Petrification Amulet
Revival Potion
55 Redamorga Negrocuna Shrine Smoke Screen Purification Potion
56 Sunorm Final Boundary Lands
  • Healing Potion,
  • Holy Orb
Revival Potion
57 Rikmyuk Final Boundary Lands
  • Runesoul,
  • Secret Potion of the Horned Ones
  • Distraction Amulet,
  • Rune Crystal
58 Galbanda Final Boundary Lands Purification Potion Spirit Herbs
59 Hell Gladius Final Boundary Lands Deluxe Spirit Potion
  • Poison Eraser,
  • Ring of Magic Power
60 Vantrabass Final Boundary Lands Deluxe Life Potion High-quality Life Potion
61 Folcanel Final Boundary Lands Trace of Spirit Sheriaritz
62 Rimdragum Final Boundary Lands Orichalcum Ore Secret Potion of the Heavens
63 Zavrugravio Final Boundary Lands Heavy Onslaught Grimoire Orichalcum Ore
64 Ebony Crusader Final Boundary Lands Secret Potion of the Heavens Soma
65 Eternal Crusader Final Boundary Lands None None
66 Colveit Scales of Power
  • Campset,
  • Orichalcum Ore
Paralysis-erasing Potion
67 Sermeritno Scales of Power Lucklau
  • Herbs of Life,
  • Ironwall Amulet
68 Trandark Scales of Power
  • Healing Potion,
  • Zeradonal Ore
  • High-quality Spirit Potion,
  • Bandit's Forearm
69 Kuzariq Scales of Power
  • Deluxe Life Potion,
  • Miracle Potion of Life
Healing Potion
70 Noroa Doroa Scales of Power
  • Purification Potion,
  • Miracle Potion of the Spirit
  • High-quality Spirit Potion,
  • Secret Postion of the Horned Ones
71 Zoasodog Scales of Power
  • Poison Eraser,
  • Soma
Stone-breaking Potion
72 Violen Scales of Power
  • Holy Crystal,
  • Holy Orb
Eye Drops
73 Diva Scales of Power
  • Runesoul,
  • Rune Crystal
Rune Potion
74 Gusion Scales of Power Deluxe Spirit Potion
  • Smoke Screen,
  • Soma
75 Magi Scales of Power
  • Memory Crystal,
  • Magic Power Miracle Potion
Revival Potion
76 Elmatia Scales of Power Spilrau Spirit Herbs
77 Kilmeries Scales of Power
  • Memory Crystal,
  • Miracle Potion of Strength
  • High-quality Life Potion,
  • Fighter's Knowledge
78 Dancing Blade Scales of Power Secret Potion of the Heavens
  • Deluxe Life Potion,
  • Miracle Potion of Strength
79 Dancing Shield Scales of Power Secret Potion of the Horned Ones
  • Deluxe Spirit Potion,
  • Magic Power Miracle Potion
80 Shax Scales of Power Zeradonal Ore Unicorn Amulet
81 Agares Scales of Power Holy Sword Draupnir
82 Berith Scales of Power Mist Shield Soma
83 Haagenti Scales of Power Demon Slayer Ring of Death
84 Barbatos Scales of Power Dragon Bane Zeradonal Ore
85 Botis Scales of Power Zeradonal Ore Zeradonal Ore
86 Vakis Grojis Scales of Power
  • Secret Potion of the Heavens,
  • Soul of Vakis Grojis
Secret Potion of the Heavens
87 Azure Gladiator prototype Azulcuna Tower
  • Ganslewina,
  • Azure Crystal
Miracle Potion of Strength
88 Crimson Knight prototype Carmeshicuna Shrine
  • Almighty Slash Grimoire,
  • Crimson Crystal
Miracle Potion of the Spirit
89 Silver Witch prototype Platacuna Tower
  • Unicorn Amulet,
  • Silver Crysta
Magic Power Miracle Potion
90 Ebony Crusader prototype Negrocuna Shrine
  • El Vitale,
  • Ebony Crystal
Miracle Potion of Life