Written by 1oldtymer

Magic skills require parts of type "Magic", and physical skills require parts of type "Physical." Parts can only be changed at workshops in towns.

Skill Power Description Rune
Blaze Tempest 290 pierces for great magic damage 34
Counter Magic reflects sustained magic damage, once only (self) 20
Disaster 350 pierces and continues for a number of turns 44
Explosion 250 magic damage ALL 28
Lightning 220 pierces for magic damage 17
Magic Breaker 230 decreases magic defense 20
Mana Enhance greatly increases damage of next magic attack (self) 24
Meliorate clears status drops and protects against status drops for 5 turns (self) 17
Nebulazirion 420 incredible magic damage ALL 70
Rune Breaker 230 decreases magic attack strength 20
Rushbrit 70x3 random magic damage 3 times 10
Zieguld Various 380 great magic damage ALL 50
Skill Power Description Rune
Armor Breaker 250 reduces physical defense 20
Britburn 260 great damage on a line of enemies 26
Calamity 350 chance render enemy unable to act until end of next turn 37
Charge greatly increase damage of next physical attack (self) 20
Crush 170 damage 8
Doomslayer 400 incredible damage 40
Forcefield reflect physical damage slightly (self) 17
Heavy Crush 300 great damage 28
Trample 210 damage on a line of enemies 13
Vilsugia Pulse 460 enormous damage 55
Weapon Breaker 250 reduces physical attack of enemy 20
Zero Attack 320 increases damage during the turn 35