Written by 1oldtymer

Art Element Power MP Description Start Chain Finish
Laceration Physical 100 4 damage Y Y
Fierce Attack Physical 125 7 damage, sometimes misses Y Y
Heavy Onslaught Physical 212 22 great damage, sometimes misses Y
Flurry of Blows Physical 68x2 5 attacks one enemy twice Y Y
Almighty Slash Physical 48x8 50 randomly attacks 8 times, with swift actions Y
Barrage Physical 93 8 pierces Y Y Y
Lightning Flash Physical 182 26 pierces with great damage Y Y
Flash Physical 93 8 damage on a line of enemies Y Y
Rainshower Physical 182 26 great damage on a line of enemies Y
Stormforce Physical 87 12 damage ALL Y Y
Thunderclap Physical 173 30 great damage ALL Y
Dispel Physical 90 3 may reduce the enemy's speed for that turn Y Y
Iron Will Physical 10 an art used after inflicts damage regardless of the enemy's protective ability Y Y
Swift Sword Physical 120 10 may fell enemy with single blow Y Y Y
Passive Physical 5 parry and increases the parry rate until the next turn Y
Fighting Spirit Physical 10 power of art used after will rise greatly Y
Bloodcurdle Physical 16 power of art used after has increased power Y
Swiftness Physical 6 raises speed of arts and raises speed until end of next turn Y
Insight Physical 7 an art following this will not miss, and the critical rate will rise Y Y
Comet Physical 58x4 20 randomly attacks enemies four times Y