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Gamingsince1977 says:
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Knights of Grayfang is a nicely presented, with many features that will be familiar to Kemco regulars.

The main protaganists are vampires & a human, who band together to avert the destruction of mankind, traversing open-world terrain and battling their way through dungeons. So pretty much standard rpg fare. Kemco regulars will be familiar with the daily Roulette, Daily Missions, Battle arena, Subquests, Awards board, Catalogue awards & Ticket/stones for use in-game shop.

The combat is fluid & you have a decent range of skills & abilities; there is a good selection of weapons, armour etc, and colourful Bats, which you equip (like fairies, etc in other Kemco games). I enjoyed the exploring, combat and grinding (made easy by the battle statue things), it was also easy to get stones for the in-game shop / Aid Room.

All that being said, Knights of Grayfang is far too easy & far too short.

I played on hardest difficulty for the majority of the game and could auto-battle throughout, with bosses they were easily taken out with one skill for the majority of the time – very un-satisfying. The Bats, which enable certain skills, were pretty much surplus to requirements.

I am a completionist by nature and generally spend much longer than many playing a game, yet finished this game in
22 hours game time & i finished on level 999. (I played Fernz Gate for 99hrs (as eg)). As such, its not good value for money – though if you want a quick platinum, this game provides.

I have bought most of the Kemco games available on ps4, some are grea. Some are disappointing, some suffer from lazy development and quality suffers. Grayfang falls into the latter.

  • Decent story & characters
  • Many regular Kemco features
  • Smooth combat
  • Too Short
  • Too Easy
  • Predictable story & twist
  • Terrible value for money

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