Legend of Ixtona

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There are 3 reviews for 'Legend of Ixtona'.

Gamingsince1977 says:
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Oldie but Goody

I was surprised to read the previous reviews found this game too easy & short! I certainly am not finding Chaotic mode too easy and I would suggest that a lower than 4% Platinum achievement also does not suggest the easiest of Kemco games.
I have played this game for many more hours than the previous reviewers (always was a tad slow) and was totally wiped out, when I tried the final battle in Chaotic.
In game currency is easy to obtain and can be used to purchase additional locations, the class & abilities are interesting and can be of great benefit in battle. You can also upgrade the class & abilities of Guild recruits, who can fight with you and/or be dispatched to collect resources. And there are Classes which are not available in you main team, plus they travel with you no matter how many times you replay.
Unlike many tactics games, battles don’t last for hours! Battlegrounds are not so large that it takes several turns to reach the enemy and it is easy to – use skills, items etc from individual atk options.
I agree that the story is thin, but I have played a few tactics games and not many focus on story – plus I play a lot of kemco games, it’s refreshing not to have soooo much story & bad jokes. My adult son also really enjoys this one is not a kemco gamer – he is more into M.M.O’s.
I play on PS4 – don’t know if/how this differs from switch etc

  • Class & Abilities upgradable
  • Replayability
  • Challenging location on harder levels
  • Battle are not too long (for a tactics game)
  • Uninspiring story
  • Some conversations are strange or a bit What?
  • Wimpy hero (even when trying to be heroic) adored by females

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