Subquest List

Written by 3beez

  1. A Shopping Errand – Client: Supply shop man – Area: Blaze City
  2. Searching for a Skipper – Client: Mother of a boy who skips study – Area: Blaze City
  3. Something Left Behind – Client: Woman in mourning – Area: Blaze City
  4. A Broken Brush – Client: Boy good with his hands – Area: Blaze City
  5. A Librarian’s Gloom – Client: Soldier librarian – Area: Blaze Castle
  6. A Secret Letter – Client: Soldier in unrequited love – Area: Blaze Castle
  7. The Strongest Armor – Client: Armor craftsman – Area: Port Town
  8. A Test of Courage at the Shrine – Client: Boy waiting for his friend’s return – Area: Port Town
  9. Something Precious – Client: Dutiful son – Area: Questers’ Town
  10. The Missing Jiro – Client: Boy who likes tricks – Area: Questers’ Town
  11. Looking for a Tool Bag – Client: Weapon-maker’s apprentice – Area: Desert Village
  12. Flowers in a Dry Land – Client: Girl who dreams of flowers – Area: Desert Village
  13. Lies and Truth – Client: Man troubled by a boy’s lies – Area: Forest Village
  14. The Strongest Weapon – Client: Weapon craftsman – Area: Forest Village
  15. Strong Men – Client: Brothers’ childhood friend – Area: Mountain Village
  16. Suppress the Giant Wolf! – Client: Monster Suppression Society man – Area: Mountain Village
  17. The Beloved La Famille – Client: Heir to a wine shop – Area: Ibriss Border Town
  18. Let’s Meet in the Border Town – Client: Man looking for someone – Area: Ibriss Border Town
  19. A Queen’s Wish – Client: Woman choosing a man – Area: Zolgeid Border Town
  20. The Definition of Strength – Client: Man looking for ‘the strongest’ – Area Zolgeid Border Town


Note: Hide'N'Seek Society subquest is kinda special and has its own thread on the forums.