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There are 2 reviews for 'Marenian Tavern Story'.

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The perfect pairing

In this game we take the role of Patty who along with her family has been cursed by the day of poverty, so if she is a rich aristocrat, she becomes part of the ploretariat and with the help of the government she becomes an abandoned tavern death To raise we will have to make the best dishes in the world and make our tavern very recognized throughout the world. To do this we will require ingredients which we can find throughout the world through the exploration of different areas and defeating enemies through RPG-style battles.
Once you have the necessary ingredients you will be ready to cook. This is, in my opinion, the funniest part of the title because you can create thousands of recipes through fun ways and you can put them on sale in your store. Depending on the stage of the year some dish will be more popular than others. For example, in summer, fresh food will be the most requested. While in winter everything that happily fattens will be the most requested.
It is important to mention that Marenin Tavern Story is divided into days. In other words, it ends every day when you open your restaurant to the public and you get the income generated from the sales of the different dishes you cooked. And when you start your new day you can visit an area on the map of the game to obtain ingredients, you can also visit villages to buy ingredients or weapons for your allies or if you prefer you can do nothing and just open with the dishes you have made
During the game we will meet people who will join us for different reasons to our cause and that we can select. It is important to mention that each character has their own skills and weapons. Also a very original feature of the game is that your team members do not increase their level by eliminating enemies. They increase it by eating the dishes you prepared but be careful they can get sick from the belly if they eat more.
Throughout the game you can access new places advancing in the history of the game and also increasing the level of your tavern. That is when you reach a certain number of sales and feed the god of poverty. Your tavern will increase in level and with that you will witness how to be a tavern of bad death, it becomes an elegant tavern where more and more people want to eat and where many sales are generated.
You will also have a garden where you can sow seeds and an orchard to plant fruit trees. In addition, you will have your own lake where you can fish your own fish in order to obtain more and more ingredients in different ways.
We only have to recommend this game very much since it seemed to us that the mixture of the concept of simulation with that of the RPG is wonderful. The only bad thing about this game is that if you play it with hunger it makes you more hungry and if you play it full you will make such a good digestion that you will want to eat quickly because certainly so much food craves

  • The creation of recipes is very addicting and has many variables that make the game very entertaining
  • RPG and simulation are incredibly unique and unique in this title
  • The conversations are full of humor
  • The characters give life to the title
  • Very original concept
  • Complicated achievements in the Xbox One version
  • It is only in English (although the language in this title is not really necessary)

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