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    No code needed.  You get there from one of the cells in the basement of Next Castle.  You do need the key to unlock the cell.

  • Bosses are not repeatable.  But why do you ask?  I can’t recall there is any need to defeat them multiple times.  Some cannot be captured and must be created.

  • Oh, I have all 160, but I didn’t realize that there was anything other than name and number in the “Book”: I never hit “Enter” on a highlighted name.  By the way, if you look at “record”, you will see two rows of monsters that need 160 (the second is PALS”).  You might have all 160 in the first row, but something less in the second.  I don’t re…[Read more]

  • You are right!  I overlooked that.  I would still put monsters in standby first, as there appears to be no limit on number there.  If you start to “absorb” like crazy to make new monsters/enhance existing, you can quickly hit the 20 max in the active group (I had that happen several times).


    I’ll modify one of my posts to correct it so that ye…[Read more]

  • I didn’t try any.  However, other players have made very powerful monsters by repeated mergings (going back to level 1, etc.).  For example, here is a boast from one player about his World Tree monster:

    19th race World tree status was

    ATK 1526 DEF 1045 AGL 770 MGC 1085 SPR 1270

    For comparison purposes, my World Tree, with max experience (…[Read more]

  • Don’t worry too much about leveling choices.  Just load up on Happy Rings (watch the video in Mirror Castle, on 2F, I think).  Any monster in your “active” group (the max of 20 that includes those in your fighting Formation) gets the same EXP reward as the fighters in your Formation).  So you can be leveling up any monsters (as many as 20 all at…[Read more]

  • No, they are cameo apparances by heroes from Tenmilli, but you don’t fight them, just the monster team they have assembled.  No challenge at all, and nothing particularly useful.


    I didn’t fuse Dragon with anybody and just used him leveled up until near the end.  I didn’t use any of the elemental spells from anybody except early in the g…[Read more]

  • Yep, AFTER you get all the 160 monsters (and another crazy thing which can wait for discussion), you learn that there are 9 special monsters SOMEWHERE (you are not told where).  It is tough get their drops (I think I have 6 of them at the moment).  Reading comments in the Wiki, it appears there is some hidden rule that makes it mysterious (…[Read more]

  • To unlock all the dungeons and beat all the bosses, about 22 hours (would have been less but i spent time taking notes and trying to decipher the wiki).  About 30 hours more to make all the monsters and try to get the remaining special drops.  Those drops are tough.  Again, the 30 would have been about 20 except for struggling with the wi…[Read more]

  • It is much more efficient to fuse as quickly as possible.  Why spend  time leveling it up, only to see it go back to 1 and have to do it again?  If you plan to fuse, etc. (which isn’t really necessary unless you want to get to super max strength), go ahead and do it over and over with monsters you don’t think you want to save.  That is, you dec…[Read more]

  • No, you don’t understand the setup.  There are 3 distinct places for captured monsters.

    #1 In the group of “Pals.”–you list of max 20 active who share in experience if they have the proper accessory..  #2 The standby list.  They do not share.  They can be “contracted” and move into group #1.3.  Th3.e “warehouse” #3I’ll call it (that guy on the…[Read more]

  • I’m not sure about stat limit.  I believe you can get more than 999 for HP.  There really isn’t a “best” monster, because there are counter measures for every monster.  Think of it like rock-scissors-paper.  Maybe you have a super strong rock, but if I have a decent paper, you lose.  THe PvP is tricky that way (reading lots of comments in the Wiki…[Read more]

  • Answering “NO” does put the monster into standby.  And I don’t see any way to move a “contracted” monster (that is one of your 20) into standby.  You can move a monster into the “warehouse” (but that is not standby), and from the warehouse into “contracted”, but I never found any way to move from “contracted” to “standby.”

    The menu from the p…[Read more]

  • Recall that in Tenmilli RPG there were lots of undisclosed “rules” (recall the special drops?).  Same thing here, and I don’t pretend to know all of them.  I did manage to dig out a few from the mess of user notes in the Wiki.  You can fight and defeat bosses in just about any order, but some cannot be “captured” as far as I know.  If they can be…[Read more]

  • So I guess I have to start once more as I didn’t see that info BEFORE beating the First Boss.


    Not sure what you mean.  The rule applies only to individual battles, not to any order that monsters must be created/captured.  There is no restriction on the order in which bosses must be captured, or lesser monsters, only that monsters within a dun…[Read more]

  • You are correct that you must defeat the boss of a dungeon before you can capture the lesser monsters in it.

    And Suzaku…that is a major exception to the typical game pattern.  As I recall, you are given hints that you will need to create a bird.  That is why you have that one spot of video that it is very useful to watch so that you can c…[Read more]

  • I tested the file, and I have no trouble downloading and opening it.  It is standard xlsx file.  I also tried “insert into contents”, but that really didn’t work–still required a download.  I’m not sure why the editor does that.

  • The following list is based on the same one on the developer’s website (see my post for links). I have not verified the recipes.   I have added some info, in particular the type(s) of each “Result”  monster.  I have omitted some types (Battler) to save space, but the omitted types do not seem to be useful for “absorption.”   The list, with a few…[Read more]

  • Yes, most bosses can be captured.

    You have a 40% chance to capture the LAST monster defeated in a battle.  Of course you cannot capture a monster if one is already in your group, or in your standby group.  Otherwise, as far as I know, there is no reason you can’t capture most monsters.  There are some that cannot be captured, or at least not un…[Read more]

  • You answer “no” only if you want to discover the “Details” menu item to make it easier way down the line when you start to create monsters using the “recipe.”  Some recipes are easy: mix say a devil and a slime.  Well, you likely don’t need any hints for that one.  But suppose the recipe calls for a devil and a type “fist.”  Types are inv…[Read more]

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