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    Sorry for the terrible quality. My blue shade was on. However, here’s a screenshot of the location. It’s the screen with the exit to Mt. Cheeka. I marked the location on the mini map with a circle.

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    It’s a “jump down” area. Once in the cave part of Kiln Ruins, take the first right. Here’s a screenshot:

  • In that case, all you can do is keep playing the game, and backtrack later. Like I said in the Felix topic here in the forum, this is a terribly designed quest, and the reward for all the work is SOOOO not worth it. I did this quest several times (multiple playthroughs) and had to keep written notes on where I had been every single time. There is…[Read more]

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     Trust Level

     Lv 1: 59 or less
     2 lily pads
     white souls
     2 shoots
     gold doors

     Lv 2: 6o – 89
     4 lily pads
     black souls
     3 shoots
     doors w/red orb

     Lv 3: 90 or more
     all lily pads
     red souls
     4 shoots
     blinking doors


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    Sorry, I blame bifocals. They should make a large font version for us senior citizens. 😛  Anywho, I loaded the game, got in some good light, and actually paid attention to what I was doing. Should be fixed now (the in-game monster guide has Seiryu with just one “u”.)

  • I started a new topic with a list of the gambits: Gambits and How to Obtain

  • Shiki

    • Energy Concentration – EP consumption for magic is reduced by 20%.  (Story)
    • Composure – SPD 5% up. (Yamabuki Sanctuary, speak to NPC)
    • Divine Providence – All allies except self: Chance of abnormal status 15% down.  (Utsushi Peak – North, treasure chest)
    • Total Command – Chance ally will do additional attack when attacking with n…

    [Read more]

  • Are you sure you’re in the right area? The easy metal monster area is at the southwest tip of the continent with Reimei Town. The area is only accessible by ship or air.  The medium metal monster area is a small island, accessible only by air, just south of the easy area. The hard metal monster area is the larger island (via air only) and the…[Read more]

  • True that. I guess the best way to future-proof our favorites is to hang on to older devices or use an emulator like critical_glitch does.

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    I’ve suffered through some more grinding, and although I’ve earning more than 150 tickets, only one character has both premium jobs. The special courses now include Swordsman, Fortune Teller, and Wandering Minstrel. The character has completed them all, but I’m still missing one enemy, #165 (between 164 Golden Idol and 166 Legendary Superstar).…[Read more]

  • Journey to Kriesia is one of my favorites. I can’t believe they’re not going to support Android 10. Sadly, I can confirm it doesn’t work on 10…won’t even load.

    I’m not sure an APK would make any difference. If the game isn’t made for  Android 10, it won’t work regardless of where you get it, right?

    Another option is the Kindle Fire. I…[Read more]

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    Thanks for info.

    Beware though, RANT AHEAD.


    Why in the world did they think premium jobs IN A LOTTERY was a good idea? With the game completed, there is no reason to continue, unless collecting everything is ridiculously masochistically important to a player.

    I did mess with it a little, and won a “Fortune Teller” book. And it opened the…[Read more]

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    🙄 It figures. I hate the extreme course. It’s not hard. It just takes too long. Boring. In fact the entire game is boring. I might leave those slots empty. But thanks for th the info.🙂

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    In the Enemy Guide, I’m missing all the enemies at the job training arena between Legendary Fighter and Hyper Simon. I figure they are part of the Special course because the only job option there is Swordsman. I must have skipped the part where unlocking the other jobs was explained. So, what did I miss?

    FYI, all characters have all jobs…[Read more]

  • Ambition Record Google Play

    Press Release
    RPG Ambition Record for Android™: Pre-registration is available today!
    Ambition Record for iPhone/AndroidSeptember 10, 2019 – KEMCO proudly announces that Ambition Record is available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store™ today. Pre-register right now in order not to miss out this fantastic release!
    The count…[Read more]

  • I don’t remember much about this game, but I do still have a save file. In the ‘Menu -> Move’ option, ‘Camp’ is there. So, at some point it must open back up. Hopefully, someone who has played it recently will remember more details. 🙂

  • Warp to Asmadaki Village, and get on your boat. Travel south, hugging the coast. around that continent to the SW side. Once you are in the SW area, he should be easy to spot.

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    I don’t know about 3DS version, but on Android the points shop in Rodwaal is the first building on the left as you enter the town. There’s a star beside the door:

    If it isn’t there in your version,  is it possible the 3DS version doesn’t have it? I got a Kemco game from Amazon, back when they had their ‘Actually Free’ program going. The game…[Read more]

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    OMG, it took forever to remember this! I knew from the Monster Guide it had to be someplace early in the game, but nothing else helped jog my memory…not the map, not the quest guide…all totally useless. Ugh!

    But the good news is, I figured it out. Sorry it took so long; you’ve probably figured it out too. Nevertheless, somebody might need the…[Read more]

  • As has been the trend lately with Exe Create games, the monster drops are mostly garbage. There are a very few that drop magatamas and useful stones. But it is easy enough to fill out your own in-game Monster Guide. All you’ll really need is to know what and where the areas are. The World Map (forum and game pages) will help with the where. So,…[Read more]

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