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    RPG Ambition Record for Android™: Pre-registration is available today!
    Ambition Record for iPhone/AndroidSeptember 10, 2019 – KEMCO proudly announces that Ambition Record is available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store™ today. Pre-register right now in order not to miss out this fantastic release!
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  • I don’t remember much about this game, but I do still have a save file. In the ‘Menu -> Move’ option, ‘Camp’ is there. So, at some point it must open back up. Hopefully, someone who has played it recently will remember more details. 🙂

  • Warp to Asmadaki Village, and get on your boat. Travel south, hugging the coast. around that continent to the SW side. Once you are in the SW area, he should be easy to spot.

  • 3beez replied to the topic Points Shop in Rodwaal in the forum Crystareino 1 month ago

    I don’t know about 3DS version, but on Android the points shop in Rodwaal is the first building on the left as you enter the town. There’s a star beside the door:

    If it isn’t there in your version,  is it possible the 3DS version doesn’t have it? I got a Kemco game from Amazon, back when they had their ‘Actually Free’ program going. The game…[Read more]

  • 3beez replied to the topic Where is Nameless Cave? in the forum Dimension Cross 1 month ago

    OMG, it took forever to remember this! I knew from the Monster Guide it had to be someplace early in the game, but nothing else helped jog my memory…not the map, not the quest guide…all totally useless. Ugh!

    But the good news is, I figured it out. Sorry it took so long; you’ve probably figured it out too. Nevertheless, somebody might need the…[Read more]

  • As has been the trend lately with Exe Create games, the monster drops are mostly garbage. There are a very few that drop magatamas and useful stones. But it is easy enough to fill out your own in-game Monster Guide. All you’ll really need is to know what and where the areas are. The World Map (forum and game pages) will help with the where. So,…[Read more]

  • @rpgaddict Luther, the pattern is called Livestream.

    Normal is 15% chance revived with 25% HP

    Reverse is 20% chance of swoon from normal attacks. Doesn’t work for bosses.

  • Since you’ve completed Amalur, you should be able to complete the quest. But I’m not sure. The only thing I can recommend is backtracking to make sure you found Felix in 25 places. 🙁

  • Got it! All 40 orbs and all 10 patterns. Once Felix says to meet her later at the Akutsaki inn, keep progressing with the story, and go to the inn after Amalur Spire. She should be there. You will get a Mystic Orb and a Pattern.

    Totally not worth the effort. I hope she gets fleas. 😛

  • When I found Felix in the Shigure Temple – Underground, she says: (“Come see me at the inn in Akatsuki Town later. I’ll give you something nice as a gift.”) It seems we need to find her in 25 or 26 or ? locations to get the message to meet her later. The locations are RANDOM, or at least random-ish. Your final place won’t necessarily be Shigure…[Read more]

  • 3beez replied to the topic Gifts and Trust Level in the forum Asdivine Kamura 1 month ago

    I’ve got them, @Jesusalva:

  • After the first few, her location does seem to be random. She is NOT where I found her before. This is making me crazy. And it is pain. If the last Mystic Orb and pattern don’t come from her, I have no idea what else to try. I’ve got:

    • All treasure chests (including premium treasuries)
    • All subquests
    • Completed Maid Cup at Battle Arena

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  • If you’ve done the bit with dream? harbinger (the sleeping maid you attach to the building), you can still get in. When you stand next to the tower, just tap your action button to get the option to enter.

    Edit: Nevermind. Luther beat me to it. 😀

  • 3beez replied to the topic Asdivine Kamora? in the forum Asdivine Kamura 1 month ago

    I’ve started a 2nd playthrough. I’m not very good at noting triggers for subquests. I usually just backtrack until I get them all. I’ll try to at least notice which are post game this time.

    Felix is making me crazy. I’ve been everywhere I can think of in my completed game, but no joy getting an orb or pattern for my troubles. Urgh!!!


  • 3beez replied to the topic Asdivine Kamora? in the forum Asdivine Kamura 1 month ago

    The game has a lot to keep track of … if you’re into that sort of thing. But overall it is one of Exe Create’s better offerings, IMHO.

    Thanks for getting the forum and game page set up. Enjoy your summer!

  • 3beez replied to the topic Asdivine Kamora? in the forum General Chat 1 month ago

    The subquests can be difficult to find (understatement!). I don’t have time today to put together a game page for them all, but here is a quick list of where to look for each one. Several are inside of buildings; so, don’t forget to check inside.

    1. Bay Lodge
    2. Shinonome Village
    3. Akatsuki Town
    4. Reimei Town
    5. Reimei Town
    6. Asamadaki Village

    [Read more]

  • 3beez replied to the topic Asdivine Kamora? in the forum General Chat 1 month ago

    Glad you two are still around! =) Hope our fearless leader is okay, too. I’m starting to get worried about him.

  • 3beez replied to the topic Asdivine Kamora? in the forum General Chat 1 month ago

    I’m missing one Mystic Orb. If I need to find Felix to get it, I don’t know where else to look. Here a list of where I’ve found her:

    These are the locations (and order) that I encountered Felix:


    Yamabuki Sanctuary

    Doshin Pond

    Akatsuki Town (after Doshin Pond)
    Maid Coin x3

    Kiyomizu Highway

    Shinonome…[Read more]

  • 3beez replied to the topic Asdivine Kamora? in the forum General Chat 1 month ago


    We really do need a forum for this game. I Wonder what has happened to @msg-commander, @Azyleo, or @Mastertrek? Seem’s they’ve left us unsupervised. HA!

    Anyway, you’ve probably figured this out already, but to get past the door, you need to do a “mini-quest” and get water from the stove in the SW room, and add it to the other stoves…[Read more]

  • 3beez started the topic World Map in the forum Asdivine Kamura 1 month ago

    It was a quick job; so not pretty, but here’s a World Map for Asdivine Kamura:

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