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    Yep. I just added that a few minutes before you found it. I had forgotten to update the guide when I finally found that @#$& Cullinan. LOL

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    I think you’re looking for “Rei” in Dennev Town – Ruins. If that isn’t the right one, just let me know the names right above and below the gap for the missing companion.


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    Post-game thing. Finish the Lost Fairies quest, and return to Fairy Villa. Speak to the manager fairy, and he’ll set you on the path to those stone monuments. Hint: You’ll get something from each one. No battles involved. Once you have all 4, go back and speak to the fairy manager again for more goodies.

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    Normal Drop
    Rare Drop

    Heroes’ Grave
    Mega Ether

    Ancient Drake
    Goddess Shrine
    Ultra Herb
    Magus Stone (M)

    Angel Ghost
    Goddess Shrine
    Goddess Teardrop
    Magus Stone (M)

    Angry Stegasaurus
    Danger Area A
    Herb Stew
    Magus Stone (M)

    Aqua Slime
    Flobourn Tunnel
    Magus Stone (S)

    Aqua Squid
    Goddess…[Read more]

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    If I remember correctly, you have to complete all the other quests (1-42, maybe. possibly, possibly not) before those will show up on the list of quests. But you do have to go back to Elda Tower (Crimson Dragon), Leviathan Cave (Azure Dragon), and the Forest of Trials (Gold Dragon) to battle them after you accept the quest.


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    A tiny glimmer of hope (for those that don’t hate ExeCreate), Kemco released announced a new Japanese game on October 3:

    Dimension Cross

    The screenshots don’t look as Asdivine-ish. And that could be a good thing for those who are tired of that.

  • Well, I downloaded the trial version and played for a while. If you liked “Adventure Bar Story” (also by Rideon), you’ll like this. I was bored after 20  minutes. Hope someone gets some Kemco joy out of this one.  😕



  • Not at all what I was hoping for.  😥

    Here’s the full version on Google Play:

    [Premium] RPG Marenian Tavern Story

    Cost is $7.99 (IMO, that’s way too high.) It includes 100 bonus gems.

    The developer is Rideon

    Here’s a trial version on Google Play:

    RPG Marenian Tavern Story – Trial

    “In this app, you can try a part of the…[Read more]

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    I don’t think any are missable, but if memory serves, there is a lot of revisiting towns to get new quests. I think I’ve got them all, but they are in spreadsheet format. I’ll see if I remember how to add them to the walkthrough area.

    EDIT: Done!

    Chronus Arc Quest List

    Haven’t done proofreading yet, so if anyone spots errors or typos, let me know.

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    I agree, Mastertrek. It is frustrating. They got us used to new Android/iOS games every month or two, but now it seems as if they are only interested in porting their games to other platforms. I understand wanting to squeeze every dollar possible from their games by expanding into other markets. However, they still have several games that they…[Read more]

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    It’s been awhile since I completed Alvastia. I tried to jog my (terrible) memory by reading the story quests, and I think that the Holy Arena is part of the story line per Main Quest 22:

    Battle Competition

    “We have everything ready for Garnet to help us, but to sign up for the battle competition, we’ll have to head to the battle arena in Rubeus…[Read more]

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    Yep, there’s something wrong. You should be able to use Felix’s skills when he decides he can fight too, during the 2nd foray into Laigle Forest. You might have to uninstall your game, and re-download it from Google Play (or Apple Store) to fix the issue. Hope you aren’t too far along!

  • Many android apps can open a downloaded Excel file. My phone came with Hancom Office S Viewer. It works fine. Others include Microsoft Excel, Polaris Office, and Google Sheets. There are many more. However, Snavous’s amazingly detailed spreadsheet is very wide, and isn’t really made for small screens. If possible, I recommend a larger tablet or pc…[Read more]

  • I do see where the document is in the creator’s trash in Google Docs, and is due to be permanently deleted soon. So I copied his document into Excel and attached it. I hope whoever needs it will be able to open it!


    created by @Snavous

  • I thought $7.99 was too much. For that reason, I decided to wait on a freemium version. And waited. And waited. Then boredom won, and I paid the $7.99. I wish I hadn’t. The game isn’t bad. It’s just that it is no different than the typical Kemco game. There’s nothing in the game to justify the price hike. $4.99 would have been fair. Or maybe even…[Read more]

  • Are you looking inside of town? If so, you won’t find them there. Red Mothbees are enemies on the world map in Avence area. Just wander around outside and get into random battles until you defeat a total of 5. =)

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    Thanks, Hawksoup! With your help, I finally nabbed that ornery critter.  🙂

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    I don’t remember exactly where he was…I’m thinking it was near the weapon shop but here’s a screenshot of the details:

    Hope that helps. 🙂

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    And 2 weeks later… you’ve probably already figured this out, but in case others go looking… the Skelly Adventure area is in Kozwe Pass (post-normal ending). On the first screen from the Helianth side, go here:

    Once inside, the previously-blocked doorway is now open:

    Nothing really special inside…just some treasure chest and the enemies…[Read more]

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    Disclaimer:  I did not compile or test this information. It is merely a translation from the Yorozuya Japanese wiki page here.  (YMMV)

    Special Monster Drops


    Poison Lizard
    Lizard’s Tail
    Mark’s spell, ‘Deal’

    Poison Lizard
    Charring Lizard
    Defeat with fire

    Stone Ax
    Mysterious Crystal
    Defeat with ice

    Gas Clo…[Read more]

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