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I have so many Kemco Games to catch up on xD

Completed Kemco Games

Exe Create

Alvastia Chronicles, Antiquia Lost, Asdivine Hearts, Dragon Lapis, Dragon Sinker, Glorious Savior, Heirs of the Kings, Infinite Dunamis, Journey to Kreisia, Onigo Hunter, Revenant Saga, Wizards of Brandel

Hit Point

Bonds of the Skies, Machine Knight


Covenant of Solitude, Dark Seven, Dead Dragons

World Wide Software

Aeon Avenger, Eve of the Genesis, Silver Nornir, Symphony of Eternity, Symphony of the Origin, Tears Revolude

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Favorite Games (Top 5)

1- Symphony of Eternity.

2- Wizards of Brandel.

3- Antiquia Lost.

4- Machine Knight over Bonds of the Skies.

5- Heirs of the Kings (I love the soul maps system and gameplay but hate the story).

Favorite Developer

Hit Point