• …And Rylocke‘s right!

    You need to hire 3 other online heroes and max’em up.

    My hired online heroes was max lvl with all max classes. But the achievment triggered only after the battle with all these 3 new heroes included (remember that they were already at max).

    Skill Master: Learn every skill; 20 LIP.

  • Hah, now I’m a little oldy to. ))

    “Pf, Damn kids these days” – Walter (Trails in the Sky)

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    I really miss you guys to!
    I had for the last year some health, motivation, work, net time communication [let’s call it] issues [/crybaby mode off] 😛

    And the most sad thing that I kinda lost interest in a small RPG games 🙁

    As I remember, It started with Antiquia Lost (the first (and the last) game I decided not worth a minute…[Read more]

  • Sorry for this slow-poke response.

    Knight gives 300 PP.

    For achieving Info/Request Master (all encounters/all request) you’d receive Energy/Mystery Earrings.

    Miracle Amulet is awarded for “All Titles” achievement, and as I remember it can’t be beat in one playthrough 🙁  (I’m not 100% sure, but it’s possible that 3! playthrough n…[Read more]

  • [Another necrodig attempt]

    Wow wow, easy guys!

    Well, where I can hire those online heroes?

    My party definitely lacks that poppy_oldy_mage and sometimes_speaks_bat_warrior!


    …Hmm, do we really need this achievement? 🙂

    [mumbling] Duh, I suppose that cunning Gandalf’O’Tymer may find a way to manipulate mighty me to test it with some…[Read more]

  • Cho replied to the topic Expert Metal Region? in the forum Asdivine Hearts 2 years ago

    Apologies for long delay with answer.

    Have not play this game for a long time, so, can give you info just according to my “old last save” with complete monster guide:

    ..oh, and it exactly like my previous post here.

    …but one thing to mention: it’s in Riveria (Do not remember is it a Parralel World or not).

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  • Thank you guys, especially Azyleo! I’d never return to starting location for searching something odd…
    The difference between hard and easy difficulties is incredible.
    Just few minutes/seconds, few turns – and it’s done on easy.
    Just few minutes/seconds, few turns – all wiped out and you regret you were born :pinch: (on hard).

    …but the…[Read more]

  • Have anyone achieve “Learn every skill.”? (It’s last achievment of 3rd column in Result Bonus Records)

    I have every hero at max lvl with all class mastered but this skill achievment is still marked like ???.
    May be it’s because of my alter ego “rare” rogue class?

  • Cho replied to the topic How to beat Guild Hero in the forum Revenant Dogma 3 years ago

    One more story about beaten Guild Hero (Hell diff):

    First thoughts was just to copy Alev’s strategy (lvl 800, 8 ironwall ores, 8 blessings ores, 4 angel gems, 4 anchor ring A).
    But I experienced some difficulties in this setup preparation. I’m pretty sure that I sold some angel gems at the mid stage of the game (also there is a high chances that…[Read more]