• I had Nadia shard but screw up my save file 🙁 If I’m not wrong the skill is about teach something, I can’t really remember

  • dewfunk replied to the topic Just beat the whole game in the forum Fortuna Magus 4 months ago

    Just finished this game also, completed everything up to the post game section twice. It’s probably one of the most comfortable kemco games I’ve done. I even set up Amane using two swords, the Dragvadil with his ultimate weapon (which was one against Wild Boar at the arena) maxed them both with Orichalcum plus adding swift ring and boom I can just…[Read more]

  • Great finding, I was wondering why I still can’t get there even after completing several of those bonus areas.

  • Yup you can get 200 atk weapon just buy completing that trophy quest, though if you are able to beat the two fairies at teatime flower garden you can get 400+ att with cool stats (all weapons have crits on them) for all of your characters. It’s not an easy battle though 😛

  • This bug doesn’t ‘really’ work for hp regeneration tho as you can’t get 100% for that stat  😀 only 25 % max it

  • There’s items you can you to raise them like 1oldtymer said, you can get them by exchanging the maid coins. or you can also buy super mega sp at the online shop. There’s also some objects or items in dungeons which can exhance your profiency/ability that you might missed out, I personally think I were missing out on some, but I did manage to buy s…[Read more]

  • The debt payments will eventually ends as you continue the game up until finishing true end, I basically got no debts left anyway but I forgot how many times must i paid, I eventually completed my payment at forgotten sanctuary. I think as long as you got the money you can complete the payment faster, once you are able to handle gold zone monsters…[Read more]

  • I think you can just get it(the one shared by one of the maid at forgotten sanctuary) post game or after completing all the subquests? I got her telling me about it when my level was still in between 60-70 .

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    Hi, thanks MSG Commander, yup you’re right those final two subquests were somehow only available after entering the final dungeon and exiting again.

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    Enjoying the game so far, I’m already at the final phase of the game, not getting into post game yet obviously. The story is pretty good indeed, personally i think that it definitely has a slightly more ‘serious’ or maybe  darker atmosphere than Frenz Gate, but there’s tons of comedic elements that lightens things up. The characters are also fun…[Read more]

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    Thanks a lot, yeah haven’t really find any ultimate or super weapon or sort so far even in the post game.

    Yes, about the lily flower I already tried it and it basically ends up in the normal ending again lol, I actually completed all three true endings already by now, but decided to wonder around again since i haven’t completed the two remaining…[Read more]

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    I don’t know if anyone already knows it, or if it’s considered as hidden treasure but after finishing normal ending and if you go back to Gastra Village and talk with the suspicious man once again, he will give you a Bamboo Spear (the same weapon you get from the trophy bonus section)

  • It’s a bit late, but I thought I share that I did play the new game plus and up to that battle you told me, you’re right we can beat tenth for that first encounter at Milka’s villa where we supposed to lose. It doesn’t really changed any plot obviously, just maybe slightly different dialogues after I beat him. It was not a hard battle actually,…[Read more]

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    Yeah di IAP doesn’t give much effect in the rest of the game, unless You’re looking for some rare items or just sick of the bothersome ads :p ( I did eventually buy the ads removal though since at times the in-game flash ads somehow affecting my pad controller).

  • Ydargsil would be my favorite unison as it targets all, very strong especially if you can add critical along with it, plus the attack also restores all parties HP.

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    Hey, I also couldn’t find the final two post game subquests yet, so basically you need to enter the final dungeon (overworld again) before the final boss first to trigger the final two subquest? or is there any other trigger?

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    Anybody still playing this game? I just played it few days ago and finished the normal ending, just wondering whether there’s any special weapon or ultimate strong weapons on this game? I personally just uses the ones I got from that trophy bonuses, since it’s strong and I can just fill it with any stats i like.

    about the lily flower thing in the…[Read more]

  • ah, the labyrinth I think I already forgot about those puzzles now. cool stuff though

  • Yes, I already beaten both boss along with the post game Milka twice . The second Milka was probably the toughest one though having three characters on their hidden class especially since my loka was already at level 84 makes it kinda smooth. Teth was actually harder to fight that the Galburz, which is kinda of odd lol

    Ah yes, that mid game where…[Read more]

  • well, i decided to just have all my characters mastered the class available since I do have three attainment book before that end game battle against Milka which I already won anyway. So is there anything new if we play from the beginning? Since I got all my characters on their hidden class, i kinda think whether any new enemies will appear?

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