• Jamie started the topic Demo Hyodora ruins in the forum Crystal Ortha 2 weeks ago

    How do you access these ruins every time I try to enter I get blown out by wind

  • Jamie replied to the topic Red Reaper achievement in the forum Crystal Ortha 2 weeks ago

    I too are missing some here are the skills I have


    rapid edge

    extreme relief

    battlefield support

    energy chain

    life support

    griff’s edge

    brave heart

    death revival

    front prep

    flame edge

    final strike


    comet slash

    soul survive

    ice blade

    thunder strike

    vapour slash

    soul crush

    missing two neo testament is one not sure w…[Read more]

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    How do you get past the lightning accumulators in Garela ruins its side quest 4 The sandstorm Causer. Never mind figure it out.


    How do I start sub event 8.

    I have completed game but don’t know how to start this side quest

  • I am have same issue where all your attack heal the enemy.

  • Jamie started the topic Side quest missing in the forum Dragon Lapis 1 month ago

    I have done 14 side quests out of 15. I can’t find the last one. I have looked on this site it show the quest I am missing but it’s not showing up in the village when I go there.


    the quest is called Impervia fortress I have been to Aquillak town and look everywhere including in the buildings but can’t find anyone with quest marker.

    I have…[Read more]

  • You will need to talk to Claire, Alranne and Lindhelm in Blaze Castle. To find them head straight up after you enter castle go through either door behind the princess in the next area  (keep note of the locked door in this room with 2 stairs either side) go up the stairs in this area you see a door close to go through there all 3 are in that…[Read more]

  • Jamie started the topic Side quests in the forum Alphadia Genesis 4 months ago

    Here are the quest and locations.


    1. Lost Clone-Archleign City Guild
    2. Monster at Large-Archleign Castle Bottom of stairs
    3. Hide and seek master-Town of Katorah Equipment shop
    4. A confectioner’s dilemma (Repeatable)-Village of Ries Equipment shop
    5. A farther’s forgotten lunch-Port town of Mikva Equipment shop
    6. Fear of goopy  mo…

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  • I am having trouble unlocking the titles. I have died 15 times and have given 20 dislike dishes to a character but the titles are not unlocking in the game.

    I am on the Xbox one version

  • My only complaint about this game is that you have no clue what your doing thanks to the idiots not adding a story quest tab to the game. By far the worst exe create game I have played.

  • Jamie replied to the topic Ghost ship in the forum Monster Viator 9 months ago

    found it now was missing the side quest from a guy to find the ship. Just need to find all the monster you can use then I will done with this game.

  • Found the ghost ship thanks just need to collect all monsters you can use I have 24 of them think I am missing 1

  • I I am missing monster no. 19 does anyone know where it is and is completing the monster guide required for the Anyone is a friend achievement on xbox one.

  • How many levels are there in the tower

  • I give it 1/10.

    Upgrading armour makes no difference enemies do same amount of damage with or without upgrades. The tower Rao is a a load of crap, they force you to do certain amount of floors by resetting your level Back to 1 taken all your equipment, monsters, jobs and gold from you forcing you to do the tower with shit gear and without dying…[Read more]

  • Number 70 is a Ice Dragon main habitat is Castle of Winter.


    As for get candy I do have it I found the Honey apple pie in a house in A village called Kelt Village its in the house in the north of the village it has a nun inside.  Kelt Village is on the large island on the right and is located at the far north of the island.


    As for the…[Read more]

  • Jamie replied to the topic Ghost ship in the forum Monster Viator 9 months ago

    Where is the ghost ship I have looked every where and I can’t find it. I have read the ghost ship records and it says its in the oceans to the north but I can’t find it.

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    So there is no more subquests after you complete true ending reason I ask is I have completed and received all rewards for the 15 subquests listed but the Meddler achievement on xbox one will not unlock

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