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    The game requires an extra 50MB of space.

    One unfortunate element to this game is that the translation is way shoddier than what I’m used to from EXE. They were always a standout in that sense, with games like Asdivine Cross, Alphadia Genesis and Revenant Dogma reading nice and smooth.  But the work here is pretty weak. I didn’t…[Read more]

  • Wow, looks like you really went in with this game @mastertrek! I haven’t been on this one for the past few days due to being busy with other things and other games (Ys Origin). I believe I’m at lvl.215 right now, and I still have a lot of the extra dungeons to go.

  • @alfieri

    Phone works better for me, since I do all my gaming either on phone or on my Toaster of a laptop. Besides, much of the neat little QoL stuff is designed specifically for mobile play.
    Personally, I’m hoping for a super cross-over game. I know it’s really unlikely to happen, but it would be pretty neat to see. EXE games really seem…[Read more]

  • @alfieri

    Get your mind out of the gutter, Guillo! 😆  🙄

    EXE seems to be really pushing themselves with their Kemco stuff. It makes me wonder if they’re doing any other game dev work anywhere else, like with Across Age. I know Hit-Point did Neko Atsume, but I’m not sure if they’re doing any other work either.

  • @mastertrek

    You need to place the White Lily down to get the true ending. So I assume taking it back would affect that. Though I do not think the White Lilly is used for anything else in the game.

    Took a crack at the secret arena also. I was surprised how easily I breezed through it, only Maidame Curie gave me pause, but it’s to be expected…[Read more]

  • Finally brok through Dolly Forest!

    As stated in my previous post, my strategy consisted of focussing on a single enemy, namely the one in the back row, as it has most of the fire power. The higher level skills and unisons were useful here, as they allowed me to not only damage all enemies on screen, but often had nifty effects attached to them,…[Read more]

  • I found this particular Buddy quite “easy” while playing Fernz Gate, so I decided to draw her. I’m near certain that this character in Japanese was named something like “Madaimekkuri” (Madaime Curie + “Yukkuri”). It’s too perfect of a pun going by how they drew her here.

    For those who may be lost on the joke, The Madaime head buddy is…[Read more]

  • Alright, I’m only a few minutes in but there are some important flags I feel I must mention:

    1. The game has an vocal OP, though not a full animation (Yet).
    2. Random towns people now have portraits.
    3. Random towns people now have portraits.
    4. Random towns people now have p o r t r a i t s.

    It’s one of those games where the contractor either had…[Read more]

  • This one looked interesting, so I impulsed bought it. I haven’t played much of Dragon Lapis, but it seems this game is based on that one in ways. Not sure why but this one caught my eye when it was still called King’s Descent, and I actually dig the vertical orientation introduced in Lapis. Hopefully the gameplay will be nice and refined.

    Though…[Read more]

  • Still cranking away in the Dolly Forest, with my team at 215. I’ve been going through my Seed stock to make the most use of it, even if the gains they give seem much more minuscule when my stats have broken 1k.  I slowed down a bit here, since I don’t want the game to become a slog, and the boss in this level requires you grind up to a certain…[Read more]

  • Cranking away at post game stuff, starting with the Forgotten City, and moving on to Dolly Forest.

    The Forgotten City’s training grounds were understandably easy: I had been leveling way above the norm via fruit usage, and the grind session I did prior to Neo-Clangorrah left me well above the suggested level anyway. As such, I breezed through it.…[Read more]

  • Was thinking about starting another game after the True ending, but I’m still feeling a craving for EXE’s combat system, so I opted to keep going and face Maidame Curie.

    Though as to how I start with that, I’m still looking around for. The first few extra dungeons I’ve seen are around Lv.200 or the absurd lv.900. I’m assuming there’s a way to…[Read more]

  • @mastertrek

    Using Unisons level up skills. You’ll notice that you’ll still see the Skill Lv. Up text when you use them.

  • 18260? That’s a ton of bling you got there!
    My suggestions based on my own play through would be:

    • If possible the Ad Eliminator for obvious reasons.
    • The Laboratory Key for the extra dungeon. It’s a nice grind spot throughout the campaign.
    • Unlock your Secret House and the Ring Slots. There’s no reason to have them on

    From here, everything…[Read more]

  • EXE Robo Grand Tanker replied to the topic Finally. in the forum Fernz Gate 1 week ago

    14400 gems? You trying to buy out the whole store? 😆

    Remember Gems can be gained from gameplay, if at a extremely slow pace. While a lot of the items seem good, you can likely find enough through normal play/exploration to get you through the quest. I bought the Premium version just because I wanted to support the company and I generally…[Read more]

  • EXE Robo Grand Tanker replied to the topic Finally. in the forum Fernz Gate 2 weeks ago

    I bought the Premium version myself, and the only things I used my gems on is to unlock the ring slots and secret house, and buy the Lab Key for the iAP dungeon. I had no need to purchase anything else in the game. It’s very, VERY easy, even on hard. Unlocking all the limiters alone ensures your victory, since it opens so many more options to you…[Read more]

  • @lemmythelenny

    I know right? I spread stuff like Ability and Ultimate seeds out among the party, figuring there would be times when I would need another member to back Lita up (Kodan is some great muscle), but she and partner-Toril were the MVPs. While I leveled Lita’s elemental levels up to max, I really do believe I could have finished the game…[Read more]

  • @mastertrek

    It is true that Ys Origin is not on mobile. My suggestion was made due to other Falcom, non-mobile games being on the board list, like Oath in Falgana and Trails in the Sky. I guessed that the admin made a slight exception for Falcom games, and had no intent of being rude or trying to stretch the site’s focus.

    I do agree that it’s…[Read more]

  • So I just reached the normal end of Fernz Gate the previous night. This makes it the second Kemco RPG I cleared, the first being Astral Frontier. It took me around 40 hours over the past week, since I frankly grinded a bit too much early on. I expected to get way more push back from Expert, but because I was taking advantage of so many of the…[Read more]

  • Throwing in Ys Origin for suggestion. I checked the site around and found that one wasn’t present, so I don’t make myself look silly. 😆

    I recently bought this one and tried it out for a while. My opinions are mixed thus far: There are many things I like about it, things I want to like about it, and things that either blow me away or I find…[Read more]

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