• Using this trick has reeeeaally cut down on the weapon farming time. Thanks for that.

    You kind of need this trick for the post-game, because using the normal Can Ticket crafting hardly ever gives you the good effects you want to farm (1% for crit?! seriously?!). So the moment you find some of the rarer effects to grind up (SPD, etc), you’re going…[Read more]

  • If you plan on hanging around for post-game, buy the Green Key so you can take on the Milialance Tower.

    Some treasures are blocked by arrows and require the Heavy Card.

    And well, the Attract Card is for hardcore grinding.


    Other than those three, I can’t think of much else that are must-buys.

  • Believe it or not, I actually used both for my late-game party lineups. Actually, I used both Hero and Dragonite since I got their second-tier growth plates, just so everyone has a unique weapon. 😉 See, it’s a habit for Exe-Create to give one of each “ultimate weapons and armor” just before the final battle so I wanted to make sure everyone had…[Read more]

  • I use strikethrough whenever I have to apply edits and corrections for posts (such as this one), to oops out stuff that is no longer relevant due to new information or being mistaken about things. Thanks for it, though.  🙂

  • inkwarrior replied to the topic Plate please plate in the forum Dragon Lapis 1 year ago

    Nearly all growth plates I’ve found as random rare drops from monsters. You’ll find the starting job plates in the beginning areas, the last-tier job plates in the end-game areas (I found lots while trying to get through Imprevia Fortress and so on), and I don’t know which areas have monsters that drop the second tier job plates, sorry.

    The only…[Read more]

  • I fixed parts of this guide today to address leveling dangers I hadn’t noticed before until now. And made it look a little nicer, although there are some touch ups I can’t do due to the new forum code (I can’t do the strikethrough effect without knowing the specific code, for example). And linked to my stealing guide from this one, in case you…[Read more]

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    Hi laurelie,


    When you go to the subforum that you want to post a question to, scroll down to the bottom of the page. You should see a space where you can create a topic (title, contents, etc) followed by the Submit button.

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    Hi Laurelie,


    You cannot sail directly to the Eeth Tribe (Onykiss)’s place. You have to park the ship due west of the city, where there are no rocks blocking the land, and walk east from there.


    From the map shown here, the best area to park the ship would be a bit above the F in the words “Forgotten Port”: 

  • SO = self-only. Other acronyms you may see in active skill descriptions include:

    1E = 1 Enemy

    1A = 1 Ally

    AA = All allies

    AE = All enemies

    EC = Enemy column

    ER = Enemy row

  • Question: can anyone learn the Angel job, or is it person-restricted (like only Lucas has Hero job, and Iria has Dragonite job)?

  • Do you have too many Growth Plates in your inventory? Clear some that you aren’t using and try again.

  • inkwarrior replied to the topic Subquests List in the forum Dragon Lapis 1 year ago

    Quest #6 (that has Peddler as reward) is where I’m actually stuck on. It seems to be one of those “go ALL around the world quests” but I’m stuck as to which place I need to go first!

    So far, after getting the pebble that starts the quest, I trade for some old clothes in the same place I received the quest (Snodin) but from there, I’m at a total…[Read more]

  • I’m more peeved that I can’t sort or organize the growth plates in any way. Makes it a real pain to find specific ones that I want to delete post-haste (if I don’t do so the moment I grab it).

    EDIT: Well, f me, I never saw the sorting buttons on the top left when choosing plates. Oops!

    The prospect of multiclassing is real, although I find it…[Read more]

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    So, this game is surprisingly generous with its IAP currency (LPP) for free users. Trouble is, there are absolutely no items that stand out to me in terms of what to buy.

    There’s always the EXP accessories, but they only affect one character (the 2x ring for 400, or 3x ring for 600) and will take a looong time to grind. There’s also the 1 party…[Read more]

  • I summarized as much as I can on what kind of game it is in my game review, check the first review on the page here:

    To put it short: It’s a tactical RPG game with some text issues (the sole developer is obviously not from the States), but if you can get past that, you have a decent game with an…[Read more]

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    For the post-game (as in, over level 100), which areas do people go to farm weapons for effect grinding, through stealing or otherwise? Because I honestly don’t see much difference in weapon quality between Nefari Spire, Misery Maze (both level 900 areas) and the other lower-level post-game areas in terms of stealing quality (though the spire has…[Read more]

  • inkwarrior started the topic Early-game stealing in the forum Asdivine Cross 2 years ago

    If you don’t want to cheese through the game with overpowered levels (see this guide here: ), why not cheese through it with overpowered weapons instead? You can maintain the challenge of the game while still having the option to adjust the difficulty for your fun experience later, or you can go at the game on a low-level run using the biggest…[Read more]

  • Disclaimer: This guide was written by a free player on his first playthrough. Therefore, I had to suffer with low exp growth and much grinding time. There are other faster and more efficient leveling methods, but those aren’t usually doable without some key things obtained late in the game. I started this when I was having a hard time with the…[Read more]