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    @inkwarrior, have you try looking at Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablets?

    They are entry level android tablets, I think their specs should be sufficient to run Kemco’s console-type games. They’re also considered cheap in my country and for me, but I’m not sure what they cost there and your…[Read more]

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    Yes, I received this too. I’m definitely 1000% sure it’s spam.

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    I have received a PM from a total stranger less than 1 hour ago too.

    I wanted to PM you on this issue but I keep running into issues on my Win10 desktop Chrome browser.

    Anyway, thanks for deleting that user and the PM “she” sent me. *Thumbs up* to you!

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    If so:
    1. Click on “Table”

    2. Scroll over “Table” and select number of Columns x Rows to insert.
    [3 x 10] = 3 Columns x 10 Rows

    3. Adjust size of Table and proceed with data entry.
    You can edit the Table (add columns, rows, edit Table Properties etc) anytime.

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    You can use Google Sheets to create the Table and contents.
    Since the phone’s screen is small, tapping on the exact cell and typing can be very challenging.
    Using a stylus or a bluetooth keyboard will make the work much easier.

    To share the spreadsheet, download as Excel file (.xlsx) and upload it as an attachment.
    However, maximum file size…[Read more]

  • No, you’re right. Serious Butler will get stronger for the next fight if you agree to the challenge, if not I think you’ll get the same Serious Butler’s level from the previous fight during the 2nd time he asks you in the same conversation.

    You can also do these in the fights against him:

    1. Debuff him by casting All Parameters Down with a bard

    [Read more]

  • I noticed the +1054 bonus for ATK. Is it possible to have more than 100% bonus stats from weapons?

  • There’s another farming spot similar to “Fairyland”.
    The area is on sea cloud, almost at the top left corner (North-West) of the map.
    In the Enemies Guide, this area is “Dead Cloud Sea”.

  • @rpgaddict / Luther,

    The full info for:

    Phoenix Sword
    ATK 45
    Normal attacks against wind-class enemies with no resistance are cursed.
    INT 40% up.

    Celestial Armor
    Def 200
    Restores 30% HP each turn.
    Self: All parameters up 5%.

    No luck in acquiring Celestial Helmet yet.

  • May I know where is “Fairyland”?
    And, does difficulty mode (via settings) affect the amount of gold?

  • Does anyone knows how to get lots of ALP fast via encounter and secret arena battles?
    I’m only getting 1 ALP every 3 battles without battle shortcuts.
    Luther mentioned he’s able to farm 1400 per hour or higher.

    Based on my calculations, that’s 3 x 1,400 = 4,200 battles
    1 hour = 60 min x 60 sec = 3,600 sec
    That’s 1.17 battles per second  😯
    How…[Read more]

  • I’ve just reached the Secret Arena and halfway through recruiting all the companions. I have a few Premium Companions – Karim, Bonsai, Enah and Orzand, but other than them and maybe a couple more 3.5-star companions, none really reach my standard/expectations. Hence I feel all my 3 teams’ configurations are subpar.

    Does anyone have any…[Read more]

  • @rpgaddict / Luther,
    How many ALPs did you use to gather all the Premium Companions? I hope you didn’t spend too much.

    I have Karim, Enah, Bonsai and Orzand. I hope to get the rest too.

  • Yes, I remember the FAQ mentioned that SP can be gained even after level 99 by killing metal monsters.

    I’m using Critical Ring and playing in Hard mode.

    I’m still at the starting point (just acquired Soul Maps) and critical hits with given weapons+5 aren’t able to kill monsters in 1 hit for level 5 Laura and Bernard yet.

    With that, I think we…[Read more]

  • Waited for months for a good game! FINALLY they released 1! I skipped a couple (especially Revenant Dogma with the Lion? and Fernz Gate with the hipster characters because I don’t like the characters’ designs) and the super short rpg.

    I’m curious about the Soul Map though. Will there an Arena where we can earn…[Read more]

  • I’ve got the Skills and Magic Lists for AH2. I’ll do them.

  • I’m past the Normal Ending and I’ve started grinding in Ghalzabine and Secret arenas for seeds for the last day or 2.
    However I found even the reward of 1,140 coins per round from Ghalzabine arena is low, considering per seed costs 150 coins (which converts to 7 seeds per round).

    To increase even a character’s single stat to above 1,200 points…[Read more]

  • I’m starting to grind at Metal Island but I have only 2 Critical Bands. I read from another thread that someone managed to get 3.
    Besides 1 from Treasure Chest and 1 from a boss drop, where else can we get Critical Bands?