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  • All right. I’ve beaten the first gray Sage each time I’ve played, which is four times now, I need a life maybe, but I really like this game.

    I was under levelled this past time and I still won with no real effort. Here is my team, equipment, level, and strategy:

    Guardians set to guidance with four “feather amulets” each, 7200 for all four of…[Read more]

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    Good luck! I thought the blue dragon was harder than the White Pancho. Pancho was easy once you knew the trick behind him.

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    Ok, I know you’ve all moved on from this game, but here is my strategy for beating the White Pancho:

    Team level 90:

    Alia – Rich Tail +5; Dark Robe +1; Black Dragon Necklace

    Paola – Unsettled Spirit Flower +5; Moonlight Robe +3; Pure White Talisman

    Kline – Rune Blade +5; Dragon Scale +3; Pure White Talisman

    I led with Alia casting…[Read more]

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