Some people (including myself) wrote on the 2019’s post (see This post and after).

    I have not changed my hopes, sometimes I worry they’ve been seeing other game companies which sometimes does not even release in global; And as a result, they end up adding features (eg. gacha) which are annoying at least.

    I also sincerely hope they do…[Read more]

  • Would love to criticize but I already spent too much money buying a few games (loving Tears Revolude, by the way)


    Same here.


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    Why, I always get an email when I receive some scam by PM :rolling_eyes: :mrgreen:

  • I remember I used alpha jewels in Dios, which unlocked all elements. Pretty sure you’ll find some of those on treasure chests.

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    If you just beat Justice, you’re aiming for ending 1/5. And there’s still some road to go, but I think level 41 will be suffice (well, there’s a couple boss fights left… No longer than a full hour)


    As for the assassin sidequest:

  • What Nemomon said is correct. You can also open the menu, and select “Judge”. That button serves like a quest log.

    It’s not terribly helpful, though. Some later judgements will really make you go looking for NPCs, or yet worse – make you wait for the NPCs.

    (I’m still traumatized with the my assassin taking three hours to show up in a city I did…[Read more]

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    And I thought the Steam version was evil for giving me 15 save slots… :sigh:

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    It’s actually quite common that certain engines change the pointers and memory address every save/load. I’ve ever seen a game which changed pointers and address every time a battle was complete.

    Cheat Engine (Linux’s version is PINCE) is a memory manipulation program. PINCE (for Linux) works on a lower level, while Cheat Engine provides a…[Read more]

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    Albeit The Rules say nothing about it, @msg-commander (the keymaster) said what he thought about bugs


    I’ll leave here a link:


    But this decision is ultimately upon @msg-commander – Keep in mind there are websites specific to share cheats, I think even G…[Read more]

  • Scammers always show up every now and then, and their scam/phishing messages live about 24 hours, before @mastertrek detects them and burns them all with :fire:


    @msg-commander also deletes the scammer’s account as well.

    For more details, please read General Internet Safety thread. ^^

  • Ambition Record is on sale for New Year, being “only” about 4 dollars.

    Uh, but given the reviews, I think I’ll skip this one. I still have Legends of Tretarchs to finish, anyway.

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    Nah, I’m pretty sure they’re basically the same.

    I mean, it’s rare to someone buy the PC version AND the mobile version, but I own a few different games in those different plataforms, and I believe the only significative difference, usually, are the controls.

    Except 3DS, where they seemingly remove IAP stuff. Actually, I’m not sure if there’s…[Read more]

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    Most games can’t, but a few actually have savegames (or rater, files which looks like savegames) in Android/Data.


    The path would be Internal > Android > Data > kemco.developer.gamename > files

    For example, Asdivine Kamura. You can find several files called savedata in .

    Legends of Tetrarchs have .sav files in…[Read more]

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  • Never played the game, but I know from the Beginner Tips that Erica learns stealing early ingame, and that this is a great skill.


    I think the game allow you to play all three MCs (Main Characters) at once, so no need to choose one. Just try to keep all three well fed without worrying too much in early game.

    That is what I would do, anyway.…[Read more]

  • I hope they stop giving priority to Steam… </3 I also hope they do a more realistic pricing.

    Oh, I also hope they release less money grabbers and more decent games. They did release some great titles lately (Eg. Fernz Gate, Wizards of Brandel, Monochrome Order, Legends of Tetrarchs, etc.), but the money grabbers stain them.

    I wish as well that…[Read more]

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    All Unity games I play on my computer freeze and die whenever I click outside the window. But I’m a save maniac (I tend to try to save the game every ~3 minutes in average, some save folders have over 500 savefiles because I rarely override, and sometimes copy the whole SaveGame folder to keep savefiles I’ll never load again).


    I’m not…[Read more]

  • Yes, but they count towards achievements

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    That’s why I do not support steam.

    By the way, newer games are being made on Unity. Monochrome Order, for example. Technically they must be ported to Android, so yeah, new times.

    I guess they don’t want the cost of keeping up with Android 10, so leaving compatibility concerns to a third-party is an interesting move.

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