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    Well, this is one of the few games I actually don’t mind buying the “ads removal” or premium.

    Some other games from Kemco also have annoying ads, but they’re not worth spending my money in it.


    For Kemco games I use the “worth” rule instead of standard “cost-benefit”. For example, there are games where ads are really annoying, but I do not th…[Read more]

  • Jesusalva replied to the topic fernz gate update in the forum Fernz Gate 1 week ago

    I think it is worth the price tag but because the content, not the IAP.


    There is A question about spending IAP and as you can see, there is not much to spend IAP on other than lottery, seeds, garden and extra ring slots – none of them really worth spending IAP on.



    Well, I agree with that. So if you are looking for cost-benefit,…[Read more]

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    Hey, that’s cool! I also develop games as a hobby.

    I’ve finished my latest game, did a beta, asked every two weeks for a friend of mine to betatest it and  then… haven’t heard from them ever since 🙁

    If you want a copy of it to playtest PM me, but don’t hold me guilty if you disappear ‘-‘ I think free software have “NO WARRANTIES” in uppe…[Read more]

  • Jesusalva replied to the topic Hi everybody! in the forum Welcome Mat 1 week ago


    Oh well, this happen. I usually spend over half hour writing a reply, and when I read it before sending, I erase almost everything 😳

    Anyway, welcome to the forums, @argnox ! 😀

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    Yes, as @azyleo said, it is highly unlikely that the problem is RAM or storage.

    The error Android is reporting is clearly “something went wrong with variables”. Sounds more as “the variable was not correctly set and now we need it to show the splash screen!”


    These are probably the only two problems which could be your fault, are “easy”…[Read more]

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    Personally I haven’t relied in weapons at this game. If I Remember Correctly, there is no super-ultra-strong weapon on this game, but others may have more accurate info.

    It makes .

    Not leaving flowers => normal ending

    Leaving flowers => True Ending


    Please remember there are three true endings for this one 😉


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    I usually plant two Ultimate Seeds at once, and have an average crop of 4.

    When I only get two seeds, I reload and try to harvest them again. (But usually I receive the average crop of 4)

  • Jesusalva replied to the topic Farming Seeds in the forum Fernz Gate 2 weeks ago

    Yes, the Maid Course (at the arena) should do that for you.

    If I remember correctly the prizes are excellent and ultimate seeds, and you can also buy the Ability Seed with the Maid Coins you’ll receive from doing that.


    They are most effective when planted but that takes around 12 hours to grow. If you decide to plant, remember they tend to…[Read more]

  • Jesusalva replied to the topic Premium in the forum Game Chat 2 weeks ago

    Usually not.

    I already tested with Fortuna Magus, and others should work in a similar way (because the app name is different and… a few other technical stuff)

    You can buy that “no ads” thing but usually, price-wise, you’re probably better buying the Premium version and starting anew. (In my case – Brazil – there may be a currency variation and…[Read more]

  • It means for some reason the edit date/author was not recorded. It happens specially when that feature is updated by MSG Commander, plus a few Exceptions (errors).

    Probably all edits prior to a certain date when the feature was first introduced will have that text. The date points to day zero, that is, 1970/01/01. So within a few days that’ll…[Read more]

  • Jesusalva replied to the topic Cooldown Time of Skills in the forum Djinn Caster 1 month ago

    When nominal time and effective time diverges (I claim it’ll have a cooldown of 5, but truth is that it is never 5) it means someone does not know how to deal with FPS.

    Usually things like cooldown are re-calculated every frame (instead of every second). The amount of frames per second is also not a fixed value, so it is really easy to include…[Read more]

  • First of: @msg-commander you just did a regression at uploads. You’ve fixed the maximum size, and stripped the allowed file lists to a bare minimum. Of course, we never needed to attach a C Header File (.h), but…

    What about spreadsheets? (xls and/or ods). Maybe portable documents (pdf). To be honest I’ve lost the list of formely allowed…[Read more]

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    Instructions about using spoiler tags can be found at Allowed BBcodes topic. The link will bring you straight to how to use spoiler tags, but there a few other nice resources, like tabs, which can only be accomplished by using bbCode.


    Commander said he would implement a button to include spoilers at the text editor, eventually. You see, the…[Read more]

  • Jesusalva replied to the topic Goddess shrine, please help in the forum Help 1 month ago

    Uuh, which game? I’ll assume it is Dragon Lapis.

    If I am correct, that is a post-endgame area. You may want to check This awesome topic by 1oldtymer.

    Note: The Shrine is more difficult than the Heroes’ Grave. (Or so said 1oldtymer on another topic)


    <hr />

    Also: Please move it at the game’s topic, too.

    You see, Help, along General Chat, We…[Read more]

  • Eh, I have not played 10 games in 2017, let alone 10 games released in 2017, so I don’t think I can contribute here 😛 🙂


    But my favorite release from 2017 which I actually played is Fernz Gate. Probably the best game Exe-Create did thus far. I am not in ARPGs like Djiin Caster or the more ‘classic’ JRPGs/x-bit games like Dragon Lapis/Wizards…[Read more]

  • I have a problem with queues: I forgot what the games on they dealt about before finishing.

    Not only that, but I have an extensive list of games I only played a little and never finished them. Either a game is really good (eg. Fernz Gate) or sufficiently short and enjoyable (eg. Fortuna Magus) to I actually manage to finish them……[Read more]

  • It comes with free IAP. This means they should be releasing a Freemium after a month or so. (Eventually. Who knows.)

    I’m still grinding for level 999 on Fernz Gate, besides three or four games near the endgame stage but which I never got the will to finish, and Crystareino which I’ve brought but never got past the “buy the game now!” screen,…[Read more]

  • Jesusalva replied to the topic RPGs that aren't RPGs in the forum Game Chat 1 month ago

    Well, as for my personal opinion, RPG stands for Role Playing Game.

    If in a game I can take a role and play using that role, that is valid, even if it does not have RPG-like features (but without that features, it would probably become and be tagged as a novel…)


    If a game have all RPG features (progression-like features), but lacks role…[Read more]

  • Jesusalva replied to the topic Post game leveling. in the forum Fernz Gate 1 month ago

    There is a Level 100 area. Also, if you rely on combos instead of Battle Shortcuts, you can do various levels below the cap (for example, I figured I could handle various monsters at Dolly Forest with level 90, but it was… well, a fight. Used the semi-auto instead the auto.)

    Of course, I buffed my characters with many fruits and seeds.…[Read more]

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