• And, complete. *yawn*


    If @msg-commander could move this to a game page it would be nice, but I’m not sure if it is detailed enough or something ^^’

    I also understand that you’re busy so no hurry, just call me if you find something wrong or in need to change 😉

  • Well, I actually bought an Excellent Seed. Uh, my favorite char went from 100 to 1100 HP, so I guess I don’t need to worry about party KO for a while xD

    You see, I am lazy. There’s a giantic chance that I will stop mid-way and will take months to remember of the game and having the will to resume (there are six installed games on my cellphone on…[Read more]

  • So, after I got the free Storehouse key (along ads) still on Story Quest 21, I thought my team was too weak.

    I mean, because the Lottery Tickets, their weapons were already better than those of shops, they had latest armor, I used coins for the ring which blocked abnormal status and gave it to a party member, and I was happy with their level…[Read more]


    I did not knew it had an english version.


    Installed it and thus far, I am hating it. I hate the difficulty, I hate the RNG when you are walking, I hate the “beep” when you press OK, I hate some lack of settings, that “repeat” (aka. semi auto) is not Explained on tutorial, and a few more things, but one of the things I hate most, is when…[Read more]

  • Ultimate Fruits are useful when you know you won’t be playing any game on the next week, but still have bed or lunch time to pay quick visits on your games.


    Also, if you only have that single seed, try planting before going to bed.


    Usually you get 1 fruit by 1 seed, but if you’re lucky you’ll get 2 fruits for a single seed. Also, effects…[Read more]

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    @estrebel12 suprisingly enough, on Wizards of Brandel, you get, if I remember correctly, up to 15 free pulls where you can get those ultra rares. That requires watching 180 ads, six every day.
    ie. collecting daily stamps

    Other than those free premium tickets which will grant a certain amount of free pulls, I think you must use gems and cross…[Read more]


    This is a good game (and a lot of that is due reusing Fernz Gate mechanics), the story is actually pretty good (if you compare to what some other Kemco games have thrown up at us lately…), it even have an “easter egg” when you click at Maidame Curie Doll on F. Sprits menu…

    But they really, really need to improve quality control. >.>

    PS.…[Read more]

  • Sorry for late reply.


    You should have awoken at the right dungeon and only need to complete it, but if you somehow left it and is on world map, you want the lab at right side of Mt. Atochi, on Cargo region.

    The main laboratory. He’s waiting on the deepest part of the dungeon.


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    I just came to complete the Ms. Curie Payment list.


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    @msg-commander Sorry for not responding earlier, the email just got drowned in an ocean of Gitlab broken pipelines D:

    License checks are truly annoying pipelines.

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  • There is a total of 8 storehouses in the game. A storehouse key can be obtained for free at Story Quest 41, and you can buy them for 80 Gems.


    This serves mostly as a reference for those trying to use the free storehouse key in the most efficient way.

    Some of the cards are not well explained here, and half of the text was written three months…[Read more]

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    Well, Rizolt’s Arena sell spike rings, heavy rings, metal rings, block rings… But no attract ring.

    Secret Arena have the same selection, so I think only older games (eg. Asdivine) actually have attract rings for no-IAP.

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    I may be mistaking, but is that those random generated dungeons some of their games have?

    In that case, you must find the boss, unless you are not at the easiest difficulty level. (Easy should have 10 floors, and normal should have 15)


    Use the minimap to ensure you’ve already went in every room. If you find no boss and no stairs, it may be a…[Read more]

  • @zherkzone have a point. I rewrote my previous post to take that in account. I think I ended up reviewing all games which I played and were released in 2017 though…


    However I’m glad most of critics here are based in arguments. This way, even if you disagree about a game, at least you can see why someone didn’t liked a game. And as far as…[Read more]

  • Well, it’s a matter of honor, “I always pay all my debts.”

    I do not remember if I forgot to note something between the second and third collection as three months passed since.

    So much time that now I have 1080 IAP Gems, rare buddies, the bonus area unlocked, fell like I’ve bought the Premium but oh – that’s still the freemium xD

    === Thr…[Read more]

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    I’m not sure now, it was a loong time since I’ve last played this game.

    But if it is when they throw you at a pit for judgment, you have to find the cutscene area, so the whatever of justice may give you forgiveness and warp you back.


    …I think. I’m not sure. Again, that was too long ago, I already uninstalled the game so I can’t warrant…[Read more]

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