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    Normal ending:


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    A fun game. You said cash, I thought in real-life money, didn’t figured out you meant ingame currency 😳

    (You mean that, right? I only downloaded Upgrade the Game 3, and now my phone is without disk space until I finish Antiqua Lost true endings and postgame)


    There are some typos but then, even Kemco games have typos.

    Well, a new game to…[Read more]

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  • Well, if you are OP, you could just change your party to Fred-only :p


    And yes, “Pursuit” vs “Guidance” is not only about using guardians or character status, but it is about whom act first.

    That’s why I usually use “Pursuit” on every dungeon (to build Assault gauge), and only switch to Guidance during boss fight (where I don’t need to bui…[Read more]

  • Welp, on the games where it provides me 50 save slots I always think “Where is the 51st slot? Do I really need to go back overwritting the first one? :(” after about… I don’t know, probably 4 hours or something. Depends on how many decisions/fight I had to do.


    …Yeah, I’m obsessed with saving my game :mrgreen: My favorite button on a gam…[Read more]

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    Uhm, be sure to don’t buy AH2 Premium then… Money better used in Fernz Gate or Wizards of Brandel.


    I bought Penta Helpers. Money is not really a problem, it takes time but you get quests to collect material and these quests are your main source of GP income.


    Very good game, and a change of pace from their latest standard games which all…[Read more]

  • Very safe. There are no colateral effects on using it.


    Awesome I don’t need a special item for this…

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  • Uhm… The trial version of Fortuna Magus is very small. Well, not that the game is exactly long, either way…

    In fact, if you played the trial version and then decided to buy the full game – you can start again from scratch and you’ll barely notice the wasted time.


    Usually I think that switching from a trial to a premium version is not…[Read more]

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    Fun fact: There’s a tab on your profile to mark completed, favorite, and hated games 🙂

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    Hello there! This is just an informative post to remember you don’t need to worry with using too much space or giving away spoilers: This forum have two awesome resources to help you on that 😉


    The Spoiler Feature

    There’s a nice “spoiler” button on the editor to help you out. With spoilers, you force people to press the “+” button to read the…[Read more]

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    Side note: Death Graton, on Verdant Forest Depths, drops Dissolving Stone.


    Couldn’t find a good place to report this.

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    Justice Chronicles and Fernz Gate are really good games. I just haven’t marked Justice Chronicles as my favorite on my profile, because I’m still finishing it. (Almost on Forgotten Ruins part – wish me luck!) (Well, having time to play is a worse problem for me, though)


    Crystareino, I bought it, started it, but never bothered finishing it. (In…[Read more]

  • Don’t forget to finish up the Games Page, then… Heir of Kings wasn’t listed last time I check :þ


    Also on your ToDo list are CAPTCHA and other anti-spam measures. :p


    (For some reason or the other, I like keeping TODO lists. Well, maybe this mean I could like the game, but this one is not really my cup of tea.)

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    Latest thing they did was release Dragon Sinker on Playstation, according to


    Not sure what they’re developing right now, though. We can probably only especulate.


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    All the messages are basically under the same pattern.


    If @msg-commander wasn’t busy, he could (rather easily, even hack-ish if he so wished) add a filter to reject such posts.


    A more appropriate (and secure, website reputation speaking) approach would be submit every post from new accounts (< 1 day) which contains an hyperlink to…[Read more]

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    We have a lot of bump posts here, making the main topic message get lost.


    Could someone delete the bump messages in-between? Nothing against them, but four pages is kinda a lot, and some could jump straight to page 4, instead of page 1…


    Well, anyway, this message is also a bump, so ya can delete it too :p

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    One of the ideas of posting spam on legit safe is to fight SEO.


    It’s a simple web rule: Spam links spam, and legit websites links other legit websites.


    If a spam website can stain legit ones with their URL, they can get a better ranking at Search Engines (although most frequently, that just lowers the legit website rank).

    That’s why…[Read more]

  • Well, only from that image, it is hard to know where you are in 😕


    There’s even a full path to go forward. Have you already check quest log on the menu? 😕

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