• I beat this game a few days ago and i wrote stuff down while i was playing through the game. I didn’t intend this thing to be a FAQ, just a reminder for me in case i want to replay this game again in the future. Who knows these might help people who wanna play this gaem.

    I also made an excel spreadsheet which i attach to this post. I initially…[Read more]

  • Yo i just beat this game and done with the post game with 28hrs of playtime. I also don’t have Magicovelocity, so it’s not necessary. For money i usually sell unnecessary Jewels from monster drops. While you need them for evolution i ended up with too much of them. Also postgame Arenas gives you Jewels and SSP(IAP currency) if you manage to beat…[Read more]

  • I just saw this game on playstore today. So it was made by Rideon huh? No wonder it feels very similar with Adventure Bar’s Story, which also reminds me of the old psx Atelier games but with cooking instead of alchemy.

    Games like this is a bit hit/miss. Either you like it or get bored of it real fast.