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    Okay, i figured out all the requirements myself. ;P

    It’s 90 instead of 85 for each character based normal ending. 100 trust with each character alone didn’t give me the very best ending, i also had to complete all party member side quest. Beside of that there are no major changes.

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    Heyho guys,

    can anyone tell me the exact requirements for the different endings? I see there are 11 endings. At the moment i guess it’s 1 normal ending + 4 endings with at least 85 trust for a specific party member + 1 true ending and 4 true endings with 100% for a specific ending + 1 ultimate ending for having 100% with each member like in the…[Read more]

  • The underground have 3 paths that can you enter, the first time it’s the one that leads you to the middle of the section. I can’t tell you the location, because if i try to exit this way the message “This is where the tram arrives and leaves. But we don’t need to use it now” appear and i totally forgot at which part of the story you get to this…[Read more]

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    Heyho guys, i wrote down every chest i found during my playthrough. Please note some can be a bit out of order, because paths can split up and you maybe go another route first and so on. My advice is to complete the location and just check if the number in your record section (under options) shows the same amount of opened treasures. That way you…[Read more]

  • Old question, but maybe it helps someone else:

    One of the bosses can be found by entering an entrance in the top left corner at one of the maps. Two of them hide inĀ  houses in the are where you can find houses. You find the last one in Peridition Depths.

  • I’m a bit confused to be honest. You try to reach Potros, right? As far as i remember the south exit of the underground path leads to that town. If you exit north you can finden the hidden lab and camp and so on. If you mean something else, i can’t help you and hope someone else can do. ;/

  • Do you mean the underground cave entrance? If you look at the map it’s at the left side of the dark mountain area. You get there if you exit the underground path from the south.

  • Marenian Tavern Story has a female protagonist, but this game is more gameplay than story based most of the time. Anyway, i completed it today and i had 50 hours full of fun. =D

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    I did this with Stella against the green slimes at the first dungeon. I used Mental Concentration + Vanish. Mana Robe and Mana Boots raise gives you also more power. I did around 13000 damage without tokens, with 30 MAT tokes around 18000… and that’s without using orbs that boost damage against specific enemys.

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    I know it’s an old topic, but it maybe helps other players.

    Sunny Hill – 2 rocks, one that blocks the treasure chest and one at the end that blocks 2 chests

    Marino Strada – 1 rock at the end that just lead to a fishing place for some rare fishes

    Dragonbone Hill – 1 rock blocks the cave entrance to a holy beast

    Verde Forest – 1 rock at the top…[Read more]

  • Yeah, i take a quite long time to be back to this location, but it’s not missable. Pheeew. Thx anyway!

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  • Hello together,

    can someone tell me if this quest is missable? It’s probably the first monster hunt and currently i can’t back to Camp Forest, but that’s the location the monster appear. Thx for your help!

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