• And if there’s a limit on what I can have I only keep the stuff that is the most important (like things that change the appearance).

  • I meant that if the game allows to have as much things as I’d want to I only sell things that I can get normally. I don’t increase capacities by IAP if it has the normal limit I have to live with it.

    But I never sold any Weapon or Ring in Fernz Gate where Weapons are better used for Upgrades and Rings are.. Rings.

    If you’d see how much things I…[Read more]

  • I am mostly an item Hoarder xd If I can hold on to anything (even the worst item) in any game (Like Final Fantasy games) I keep at least 1 of the Item/Equipment just for it to be there. And I only use items that I know I can get in other ways.. And I end up not using them at all. 😪

  • Mastertrek replied to the topic Upgrade The Game 3! in the forum Game Chat 2 days ago

    I meant In-game currency 🙂 Sorry for confusion. There’s no IAP in this game. By killing Enemies you earn money to upgrade Ships, by completing Levels (or by Watching Ads/Daily Login) you earn Points that you can use to Upgrade The Game (you know, fighting Blocks isn’t really enjoyable xd Takes some time to get game look better but it’s fun for me…[Read more]

  • Mastertrek replied to the topic All Recipes List in the forum Marenian Tavern Story 6 days ago

    It’s not somewhere.. Xd The Spreadsheet Download Link is at the First Page of this topic 🙂

  • Mastertrek started the topic Upgrade The Game 3! in the forum Game Chat 1 week ago

    This game is about.. Upgrading this Game. You see how it’ll look like fully upgraded but you lose everything very Quickly. And your task will be to Restore Everything (Music, Graphics, Your Strength) and destroy the Evil that did it. As opposed to the First and Second game, you don’t upgrade the Game using Cash but you use it to make Upgrades To…[Read more]

  • I guess I’ll start the game too (mainly because I usually play RPG games and totally ignored this game).

  • Mastertrek replied to the topic RPG Insanity app? in the forum General Chat 1 week ago

    That could be a good idea but isn’t a Bookmark a better option? I simply click on Bookmarked Page that I used for Fernz Gate (so before I go anywhere I am in Fernz Gate Forums xd). And then I hit Home Button to see any new topics/replies 🙂

  • Any Super Boss Battle in most KEMCO games are easy when you take on a boss with MAX Stats regardless of the Difficulty. I wish that KEMCO would make a fight that would be tough for MAX Stats people [Like most Final Fantasy games do where most Optional Bosses for normal players required Getting the whole party to Max Level and best equipment to…[Read more]

  • Maidame’s Medal. That’s the Proof of beating Her. Regardless of the Difficulty you set.

  • Nothing really smart so don’t bother understanding me xd Let’s not go Off-topic (and best way is to just live with it or forget 🙂

  • Mastertrek replied to the topic Siralim 3 is out in the forum Game Chat 1 week ago

    Both are pretty much about making stronger and stronger monsters endlessly to beat or get even better monsters to train and so on. I used to play bot 1&2.

  • I think that most KEMCO games are only updated up to 1.1.1 version xd Kinda suspicious. 🙂

  • Well, the game has 5 different save slots. I use 3 in every KEMCO game because I once made a huge mistake by saving a new game over the save I spent money at which led to waste because of that. Note: I don’t save at all 3 saves each time. I do it if I purchase something or I save at one slot for 2-3 hours then Change to the next slot I use for…[Read more]

  • Forgot to mention about Ring slots/Buddy spaces.


    And no, I keep my phone memory with some GigaBytes left because for me if it goes below 1GB the phone starts doing Strange things like shutting down everything at random times or freezing at games. 

  • The only things that stay are Accelerators, Gems, Laboratory Key. Nothing else. That’s why I don’t delete this game.

  • I’ll check out if I’ll get all stuff at new Game at different save file although I doubt I’ll get all things I have in my Save (I didn’t uninstall this great game because I still didn’t 100% it). I’ll check it now and will tell if I’ll have the things (but I’ll go until the Shop opens to be sure).

  • I won’t be replaying the game because I spent some money on Premium stuff and I’m 90% sure it won’t go to Fresh new playthrough.. But the One Secret Path in Pheryl Town is at the bottom left Corner of one Area and it’s not visible if you are playing using D-Pad. I only got it thanks to one person (sadly I don’t remember who).. Pheryl Town is the…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the info 🙂 I guess I’ll want to get everything there is in one of the best KEMCO games, Fernz Gate (the Rest of the Premium Buddies and the Equipment will definitely be a pain as well as figuring out the why I can’t do as much damage as I could when my stats weren’t maxed out except health which still is not maxed out) [didn’t touch it…[Read more]

  • Sephirothic Stories is Out (I think they changed their games to Premium and Trial Version and that’s the whole reason I won’t even bother playing even though it looks very cool (Well, if I’ll ever buy the best phone ever I’ll probably do it but I won’t risk the chance of game crashing over and over.)

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