• Part of the problem is that even if we ban them, they can easily create a new account with another email address.

    There is more that I can do to be more proactive and one of those things is, I’m going to add a second moderator to the site, to help handle all the spam.

    I’m also working on how to add captcha to the registration process. I was…[Read more]

  • Tips are recommended only if you have access to Dungeon of Trials Level 11 (After clearing Labirynth of Fire)

    1. Although the tips are the best after you beat the Labirynth of fire, you’ll want your party to be strong enough to win it(so you should read it beforehand.) . Don’t change the jobs until you beat the final boss (you can grind for gold…

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    Final boss battle in Overlord’s castle.  I hadn’t got to that part because I wanted to level-up more before going there.  Treasure Searcher revealed them. When I used Treasure Searcher in there earlier, it was at main entrance not knowing another pathway had to be opened.


    So sorry for all the co…

  • Dragon’s Lair does not show the three boulders anymore.  So I suppose that could account for one missing treasure of the ring if I didn’t get it.


    Something else I looked at is the list of buddies.  I am missing 12 of them.  I did not use gems in any of the shops.  So could it be I’m missing buddies and rare weps/items that would account for…[Read more]

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