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    You probably did hear about this already (considering that this info was around for some time already), but if not, TWEWY is going to get an anime adaptation in 2021 and currently is (or was) at a -50% discount in Switch’s e-shop.

    If you want some HQ pics and see the trailer, go there:…[Read more]

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    So yet another Kemco Selection is coming to PS4, but this time around all the titles included are quite interesting and worth playing.

    Kemco RPG Selection Vol. 5 coming to PS4 on October 29 in Japan

  • Dr. Moreau most likely is a nod to Dr. Moreau from H. G. Wells’ book called “The Island of Dr. Moreau”. There, Dr. Moreau tried to turn animals into humans, so something similar what RS’s Dr. Moreau tried to do to (from what I read in the review). But yeah, comparing him to Heiss, it looks as if that two people actually were the same man (though…[Read more]

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    Who are you again?


  • Congrats, Mega Man! 😀

    Looking at that screens it reminds me how many different deities there are in Asdivine series. We have Light and Shadow Deities, Creation Deities, Zaddes is a Destruction Deity… Maidame Curie and her gang that’s probably at the very top of everything… And the best part is that almost always the higher rank deities…[Read more]

  • Half a year ;). At a bare minimum. Most likely next year, though. Colored Quartet is not even out in Japan yet (it will be July 2nd), and we still have some Japanese games that are not yet translated and they surely will be (like Asdivine SaGa that probably will be the next English Kemco game, and then the Crystal Ortha). So I don’t think this…[Read more]

  • It kinda depends. I mean if you’re playing their games once they’re released, you still will have to wait a very long time for the next game to be out. Like, we just beat the Ruinverse, and the next game probably won’t come out until a month or two from today. So there is plenty of time to catch up or play any other games ;).

  • But at least there are man new enemy assets, so malicous people can’t say that they’re recycling sprites ;).

    It’s funny though that they annunced a new game exactky the same day as the DMLC! was released.

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    Yeah, Both Asdivine SaGa and Asdivine Cross are games that received remakes. In fact Asdivine Cross was the very first Asdivine game.

    There is a small comparision between the original game and the remake:

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    Be prepared that her challenges are hard and aim for a lvl 999.

    I also finally defeated the Arena (while being lvl ~850). The good thing is that you can keep atacking the boss there (without doing the first 4 fights), and each time you defeat it, you gain 10 ultimate and VIT ambosias, so it’s a good source of stas.

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    I’m selling everything every now and then because sooner or later I will get them back anyway. Only unique things I keep, though most of them are useless too. Perhaps you should sell things, because you can’t really grind maid coins here (maybe you can after finishing the arena, but even at 500++ I can’t), so money are pretty much the only source…[Read more]

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    I don’t think so, myself I didn’t find any yet. But at the same time I didn’t finish yet all Maidame quests, so maybe she will send us to one. In the Monster Manual I noticed I still have several unknown places, so who knows. Myself I leveled up at the top of the retro dungeon.

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    What I will add is that players should use skills whenever possible. The final bingo sheet requires the player to use 3000 skills.

    Also, I might be a little wrong (though I think I’m not), but after killing the big boss in the second ending there is still something to do. Maidame Curie in the first village opens to the player and sends him to do…[Read more]

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    I just finished the Normal Ending, so I think I can add a couple of things.

    I kinda disagree with the comment about the font size. My eyesight is also a shit, and I have been playing the game on a phone, and despite that I was able to play the game normally. Perhaps your eyesight is even worse than mine. Not trying to be malicious, because I’m…[Read more]

  • Do I have all of them, or am I missing someone? There is one empty spot more, so I’m feeling I’m missing someone.

  • Nope, you didn’t. The current upcoming English game is Ruinverse, so hopefully the Asdivine SaGa will be next. Or Crystal Ortha from Hit Points.

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    It’s in the Gilkaria Castle. After you will rescue the gilguses, go to a room with two beds (a little before the Throne Room). There are two guys, talk to one of them and he will give you the candy.

  • I currently am playing Leige Dragon, and while I agree that there are small things I don’t like in this game, I’m already right before the final boss (and today I probably will beat it), so it’s not a critically bad game. At least for me ;).

  • Hmm… For English it probably would be Raging Loop that here was released back in 2019 (while originally in 2015). For Japanese I think it would be 最悪なる災厄人間に捧ぐ released in 2018. But yeah, Kemco rarely is releasing non-RPG games. In fact this D.M.L.C. is a reboot of a game originally released in 2013.

  • It’s not an RPG, but Kemco is releasing it, and you might like its song, so:

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