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    Oi, oi, Urushi, even if you don’t plan on slowing down there’s no reason to speed up, right? Even the pitiful screams of the Adventurers are being ignored.


    Called upon by Urushi’s roar, jet black spears rain down on the spiders. Furthermore, the spiders on the left and right were torn to pieces and scattered a…[Read more]

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    Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

    In a split second, Chu Feng produced all kinds of profound magnetic tools to suppress the area. With the sound of a pop, a black magnetic crystal lance condensed a part of the divine energy and easily pierced through Luo Yi. It plucked him right up!

    This was because the Luo Yi at the present moment, with his scroll…[Read more]

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    At night, in the Huge Beasts Enclosure.

    Under a giant baobab tree, three half-human demon wolves standing erect frantically tore a spotless-white unicorn to pieces.

    The three demon wolves already killed the pure-white unicorn; blood now flowed on its spotlessly white body. The three demon wolves, taller than two men put together, tore its…[Read more]

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    The Light Palace speeded all the way to the Northern border, and in the blink of an eye had already entered the territory of Youyan Pass.

    In the distance.

    Thick storm clouds frantically accumulated towards the motionless mountains.

    The layers of wind and snow that formed a constantly tumbling snowstorm were like a hurricane, violently…[Read more]

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    Hackzord seemed to be accustomed to her way of doing things. "Let us switch venues to discuss on how we should head for the Mist Island which is occupied by the Sky-sea Realm."

    Shortly after arriving at the base, Roland and Valkries were invited to a hall by an attendant.

    There were already many peers in the hall. Most of them were…[Read more]

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