• Thanks a lot! I played through the game once, but didn’t find it exciting enough to want to go through 2 more times to get this ending, so it’s cool to see how things transpired for anyone patient enough to go all the way to the final ending.

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    That’s kind of what I thought when they didn’t pop up in the final dungeon or in the IAP monsters-n-materials cave, but I was starting to feel a bit of burnout and didn’t want to mar my overall very positive experience with the game by looking all over creation for enemies that I had no idea where to find.


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    As a side question, I’ve beaten the game (not the post-game, as the boss seemed a bit tough for me at the time and I didn’t feel like grinding or IAP-ing a book to get my third character the super-class) and did the majority of the quests, but never was able to find those three dragons of legend. Do you have to backtrack through old dungeons to…[Read more]

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    That’s gotta be tough to go through so do what you have to do to take care of yourself, man.

  • My thanks for the solutions. Most of the floors were pretty easy, but those three were starting to get to me a bit. Well, at least Floor 4 was; after that, I admit I didn’t spend too much time trying to figure out the answers before going to the vids. And then I just had to worry about not pushing a block too far because I was watching my computer…[Read more]

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  • Since I’m a good ways through this (going to pay Maurice a visit at his fortress), I’d put my feelings between 1oldtymer and those disagreeing with him.

    I really like the story — way more than most Kemco games. As said, this is far more of a “shades of gray” game than a “good vs. evil” one, which makes it refreshing. When you have those…[Read more]

  • Well, so far, Perdition seems to be saying “hold my beer” on the “this dungeon is really long” topic. I mean, the last two weapon bosses could be closer together than the first two, but if not, whoa.

  • Is so long that it actually became kind of hilarious by the time I reached the final boss. Not the first two plot bosses. Or the four treasure chest bosses guarding great weapons. Or the boss guarding all the great armor. Not that I mind super-long dungeons (heck, that’s how every SNES Final Fantasy ended — a super-long dungeon with a lot of…[Read more]

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    As an RPG fan, I love how other genres are embracing RPG elements to the degree that I’ve lately found I prefer those sorta-kinda RPGs to actual classic-style ones. I can get into Kemco and 8/16-bit ones because those games tend to be shortish, but longer modern ones just feel so bloated I have trouble maintaining interest.

    As for trying to…[Read more]

  • Finally mustered up the gumption to put in the work to beat the postgame boss and get the True Ending. Mainly involved me grinding on Metal Gelatin Island (where I found out that the dragon super-boss that appears there is a pretty rare encounter — I ran into him the very first battle of the very first time I stepped foot there, but never saw him…[Read more]